UPDATE: Since this article was written, Capcom has added some excellent titles to their sale in celebration of Comic-Con.  We've added those games to the list, and added Gameloft's Fishing Kings which dropped to 99¢ a few days ago. Gameloft and Capcom have recently dropped some of their games down to 99¢, and while some of these titles have been on sale before, there's a couple of great deals to be had out of the bunch.

Gameloft titles on sale:

Capcom titles on sale:

My personal pick on the Gameloft side is Modern Combat: Sandstorm, which is a very good Call of Duty-like FPS with online multiplayer. On the Capcom side I recommend Dark Void Zero, which is an 8-bit “demake” of the console game Dark Void. It really nails the look and feel of the classic NES games, and even has you blowing into the mic of your iPhone to simulate blowing into a NES cartridge, as was customary when you couldn't get a game to work.

  • Shibuya_109

    Seconded on Dark Void zero, it's great, despite being a really sloppy DS port. The virtual D-Pad is also pretty much the best one to date on the iPhone.

  • RNF

    As usual, thanks for the head ups!

  • Zman2100

    Looks like Capcom has placed a few more of it's games on sale. Phoenix Wright and their Resident Evil games have been dropped to $2.99 and Street Fighter 4 has been dropped to $6.99.

    • http://soiled.com Gload

      They really need to highlight SF4 in this article. It is by far their best game on the iPhone (regardless of anyone's interest in the genre, it's the most polished and brings over more than people expected for a port).

  • Blah

    Fishing Kings is also on sale for a dollar

  • Welshy

    This has annoyed me a bit. Bought modern Combat and Dungeon hunter two days before they went down. =[


    Sam and Max: The Penal Zone (for the iPad) is down from $6.99 to $1.99 for a Comic-Con sale.