Now, we're not saying Audiosurf is definitely coming to the iPhone... but it seems some of the new changes in iOS 4 make it possible. Engadget reported on a DJ scratching app that takes advantage of some of the new APIs in iOS 4 that allow Apps to directly import the audio files from your iPod library. In the past, the best that you could do is simply play and pause your existing iPod music from within a game -- but not actually do any processing to it.

This led to some awkward workarounds. BeatRider, for example, required you to upload your MP3s to their website and then download the data back to your iPhone within the app. Well, no longer!
PC version of Audiosurf

This means we should be able to see rhythm games that allows you to directly import your music and manipulate it for your gaming entertainment. Bring it on.

  • Melly

    Audiosurf on iPhone would be epic, I love the pc version and have always wanted a portable version, here's hoping they do it (they'd be silly not to).

    Can we also have deacon aswell please πŸ˜€

  • MidianGTX

    Ah, here we go. This tech is barely even adequate on PC.

  • kevlar

    I've been hoping for audiosurf ever since the appstore opened, the game is perfect for iphone. I've contacted the dev to ppoint out to him that it may now be possible and he confirmed he will look into it. The game has/had ( its 3 or 4 years old now I think! ) a big following on pc but I think it would really get into its stride on the iphone.

  • drelbs

    Bring on Vib Ribbon! πŸ™‚

    • MidianGTX

      Now Vib Ribbon would be awesome. You could see the link between the music and the visuals far more clearly, with Audiosurf it's more a general "tone/volume goes up, track sorta rises a bit".

  • Rhythmic Fistman

    The DJ app is called Flare Scratch and it is awesome.


    I'm looking forward to music visualizers, myself

  • ShadeOGreen

    What about Space Invaders Infinity Gene? That game allows you to import your own songs directly on the device and creates custom levels for them... how is that different?

    • arn

      Space invaders infinity gene doesn't really use the song data itself. It uses a combination of the song name and perhaps other metadata.

  • Drunknbass

    What is this new API? I haven't heard of anything that would allow this.

  • Nemoid Studio

    Nemoid Studio is presently working on this new feature to get it for our rhythm game Tunes Attack:

    So far one had to transfer his own songs via Wi-Fi now it will be possible to use the songs in your iPod library! This is a great news!

    The patch for Tunes Attack should available really soon!

  • mirror files

    may i add this blog post? i will link back to this post.. please let me know, thanks

  • What was stopping this before

    TapStudio imported music and you could build your own taps or if you had the pro version, download pre-made ones from other people.

  • Fake

    I hope it happens!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!