Twitter user @loyalmoses is one of the lucky people who got their iPhone 4 today who posted three full resolution screenshots of Flight Control [99¢] with the new iPhone 4 enhanced update that hit the App Store today. Click these images to see them full size, then imagine that number of pixels on a 3.5" screen. Yes, it blows my mind too.

We likely won't get our iPhone 4's until we pick them up on Thursday (I'm going to be at the flagship store at 5th Ave in New York City... yeesh.) so if you're one of the lucky ones who managed to get an iPhone 4 we're looking for impressions on gaming on the device. Please shoot us an email at if you'd like to be an official TouchArcade test bunny.

  • SalsaMD

    Man, you better get there bright and early! You guys should have been faster with the pre-order trigger finger. 😛

  • 1337brian

    I'll have mine tomorrow afternoon! I know my fedex guy and asked him if he could stop by early if possible... Let me know what games you want tested and I will test away! I own most of the good ones, so shouldn't be a problem...

  • jesse


    I want one...

  • Bill

    No, I really cannot imagine that many pixels on a 3.5 inch display. My mind is melting just thinking about it.

    But when my iPhone 4 arrives tomorrow, I will be forced to acknowledge that alien technology does exist on earth!

  • manaman


    I'm really hoping they announce an iPod Touch with this tech in the near future. If I can't get an iPhone 4 at the moment (which I can't because of my cell phone provider), I would love an iPod Touch as my consolation.



    • Adams Immersive

      Yep! Expect it at the end of summer, when the student promo (free iPod with a Mac) ends.

  • Voodoovyper

    Still looks pretty bad on iPad. What gives?

  • Caiman

    Meanwhile, those of us with older iPhones have suddenly seen their apps bloat in size yet again (18 Mb instead of 9 Mb for Flight Control). I suppose it's either that or three (or more) different types of apps for each iDevice.

  • Davidsilence

    Yeah I thought all the updated apps would be much improved on the iPad, what's upmwith that?

  • thebleeptruth

    Question: If an app gets an OS4 upgrade like how some games are doing now (ex. real racing, flight control), would this mean it's resolution in the iPad on 2X will also be better than it was previously? Or would it have no effect whatsoever for an iPhone app running on 2x on an iPad?

  • tsharpfilm

    For such a tiny device, the screen resolution is pretty insane. I've never owned a "smartphone" before. I think that might finally change this year. 😀

  • Jas

    Apple need to sort this out and quickly or platform fragmentation will result in sales dropping.

    The ipad should benefit from iPhone 4 enhanced games.

  • 1337brian

    Flight control looks great on the new screen!!! I didn't think there would be a difference but it just looks so darn sharp!