Gameloft has released a trailer for their upcoming iPhone game Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem.

We should have more details throughout E3.

  • araczynski

    really pushing that hardware. never could get into the spiderman games though.

  • RUFiO

    Shame it's not a free-roaming affair! Looks like pretty standard Gameloft fare, I'll probably pick it up. Plus Spiderman is awesome.

  • iPadGamer

    Oh shit... I'm in! I wish it were iPad too. A game like this would benefit from the larger screen size.

    • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

      It'll have a separate detailed version out... 1st of all their games are BIG in size, if it held the artwork for iPad too... we'd soon need an iPod touch with 1TB memory 😛

  • HelperMonkey

    New logo for Gameloft?

  • War Machine 390

    I loved the Ultimate Spiderman game on the consoles, cant' wait for this.

  • iFanzine

    Yup, me too. Can't wait for some spidey action on iPhone 🙂

  • http://Toucharcade Ray

    Awsome.Played Spider MAn 3 on Wii. This Looks Good but the thing is can u just roam the city or free roam

  • Brandon

    My favorite spider-man game so far was spider-man 2. Why? Because of the web swinging mechanic of actually shooting lines to buildings and being able to roam anywere... I still play that game and just swing around.

    This game looks like all the places to shoot a line are pre-determined

  • Goomba slayer

    i got this game yesterday and it is AWESOME!!!