As promised during yesterday's keynote address, Activision released an official version of Guitar Hero for the iPhone and iPod Touch yesterday.

The game costs $2.99 and comes with 6 songs with additional song packs available as in-app purchases. The included songs include:

  • Queen - We Are The Champions
  • Rise Against - Savior
  • The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
  • The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
  • Weezer - Say It Ain't So
  • Vampire Weekend - Cousins

Despite the rather short tracklist, impressions have been positive with particular praise for the game's fun notecharts:

Gotta say i'm pretty impressed thus far. Much better than I expected and way deeper, more challenging and fun than Rockband. I really like the variety in the gameplay created by the slides and "strums" - it adds a lot of challenging segments and can be much more interesting than the somewhat stagnant note charts from TTR3/RB.

More feedback and impressions are available in our discussion forums.

  • Acadiaa

    it's really hard to tap on things

    idk, it just messes up a lot

  • PeterM11

    Love it. Much better than RB and TTR3 IMO. Just hope they're nice enough and throw us some free DLC packs every once and a while.

  • dumas1000

    The game looks good, but I really hate the setlist and I'm not sure how well Activision will support this game. It's continued worth would be based solely upon future DLC. Rockband didn't do much in the way of supporting DLC. It started off with more content to being with though.

    • kcur

      Activision seems to be updating COD:Zombies pretty well, so i'd think that they would update it and add DLC.

  • JCat

    Look great actually; gotta love Steve Jobs and his favorite line "it's very cool"

  • Greg

    I bought it for the Vampire Weekend alone.


    Vampire Weekend are the most homosexual band out mate. are u 12??

    • JCat

      That's his taste - you're the one that sounds like 12 based on that statement.

    • seearees

      If you don't like homosexual than you don't like music. true story.

  • robert

    any compelling reaaons to choose this over tap tap series?

  • Al

    i hope activision brings out the next title in the series, vacuum hero. you know, based on home appliance, for a change, and as a tribute to all the vacuum heads who has been keeping the genre alive all these years.

    new motto : Vacuum Hero - It's Supposed To Sucks.™

  • psyc

    I already have Guitar Rock Tour, thanks

  • Pavarok

    He is rocking that game with one hand btw. In-Sane.
    I've got the game, it rocks. Planning on getting some dlc in a short while.

  • Andrew

    One thing tht irritates me is tht Guitar Hero is not released in the Malaysian App Store. I was expecting to purchase it right away but was so disappointed when its nt available in the M'sian app store. Juz like Rock Band. I wonder why.. =(

    • james26

      Probly Because of copyright issues man,you know how singers are about they're music....sad i know but it's true.

      • Andrew

        ahhh damnit. This really sucks. ;(

  • Shinkz

    Brace yourself for over-priced DLC.

  • Christian Bale

    This totally owns rock band on iPhone. From graphics to gameplay. I mean just look at rockband, the background is just a 2d loop lol.

  • shin

    6 songs, lol

  • thinkthis

    $2.99, lol

  • Kennymatic

    The game looks great and plays better than Rock Band... IF it runs on your phone. This thing barely runs on my humble iPhone 3G. I'll be looking to an iPhone 4 as soon as its available, but for now I'll have to deal with lag and hanging that will make it impossible to 5 star any songs even on Medium difficulty.

  • Jules

    I think it's a pretty fine game, the 6 songs included are well worth the $2.99, I think Seven Nation Army is one of the best songs of the last 10 years, shame about Vampire Weekend's "Cousins" being included, would have been great if they had "A-Punk" instead.

  • Cookies

    Looks good, but Tap studio is still better because of the infinite number of tracks and user generated content.

  • Billyman

    Tap Tap Revenge 1, 2, and even 3 are much better than this game. Guitar Hero lags, drops notes, and has mighty small list of songs up for download. You can't even FC anything on GH unless you wanna go all "no-life" like the guy on stage playing did.

    TTR is just, better.