Confirming hints that we had posted in April, Puzzle Quest 2 is now officially coming to the iPhone and iPad later this year.

The followup to the hit game will first hit the XBox 360 and Nintendo DS, but will also be coming to the iPad and iPhone in "end of fall/early winter", according to a report from GamePro.

Puzzle Quest 2 expands on the original Match-3/RPG mashup with a new 3rd person perspective, gems, spells, and more. Here's a trailer for the upcoming DS version. No official iPhone screenshots or video has been released:

  • Vovin

    First! 😀

    O.k., well - what shall I say? YAY! PQ 2 for the iPhone - that's fantastic news!!

  • gamememe

    Yeah Ive played many of games it's the same. But this game fantastic.. Thanks alot.

  • akira01

    Hooray !!!
    PQ is one of my favourite game.

  • Fokion

    Hell yeah. Even though I'll probably get it on every other format as well.

  • Isilel

    Great news! Looks quite pretty, too.

  • William T -Ph

    Hopefully, they will allow more than one save file. I lost multiple saves (and tens of hours of gameplay) when someone accidentally press the 'New Game' on the original Puzzle Quest.

  • puzzle mess

    Unless they're putting out the ENTIRE game, not getting it. Love PQ but making everyone wait over a year to release the other two parts and never responding back to let people know what was going on was very poor form.

    Believe me, there will be a boycott of PQ2 by a lot of people if it isn't the completed game.

  • Mister Mumbles

    As long as Transgaming isn't handling the port, I'm looking forward to it.

    • Tiron

      looks like namco is porting it, so i have hopes 🙂

  • Koowie

    I have this game, play it all the time!