We announced last month that Tilt to Live [$1.99] would be getting an update in April with two new game modes, and today that update has been released. Included are the new Gauntlet and Code Red game modes, leader boards for each mode, and six new awards provided by the AGON social platform.

Tilt to Live is an accelerometer-based blow-em-up for the iPhone and iPod Touch that we reviewed last month and gave 5 stars.

Here are descriptions of the two new game modes:

Gauntlet Mode:

Run the Gauntlet to put your precision tilting skills to the test! In Gauntlet mode, players compete for the longest survival time rather than highscores or combos. Enemies waves will no longer relentlessly chase you. Instead, the dots work together to form an increasingly difficult treadmill course of smashers, battle axes, windmills, and more. It’s an entirely new gameplay experience! The difficulty curve will be comparable to our original gametype, a crescendo from manageable to kick-your-butt. Early dot obstacles and gameplay will be showcased in our teaser video, and even more sinister twists are in development as we speak.

Code Red:

Rather than guiding players along a polite difficulty curve, we’re chucking them off a difficulty cliff with Code Red mode. This gametype is best described as “Classic mode on crack”. Everything from Classic is there, but the red dots will spawn at their highest intensity right from the start. It’s tailor-made for experienced players that “just wanna get to the good part”, without enduring the buildup.

The developers, One Man Left Studios, also say that future updates will bring new game modes, weapons, awards and even iPad support that we are really looking forward to.

Here is a video of the new Gauntlet mode:

App Store Link: Tilt to Live, $1.99

  • psyc

    Can't wait till they dump that social network. Will be so nice when everyone is on the same network. Imagine if there were dozens of social networking websites that people were strewn across that also did not communicate!

    • Hmar9333

      I think the use of AGON is very (very) nice in this game. Although I do agree a universal network would be much better (Apple's gaming centre, anyone?)

  • rich_952000

    An already "must have" game comes back stronger than ever... Congrats OML, great work 🙂


  • ColeDaddy

    Very classy move by the developers not charging existing users for the upgrades.

  • http://www.silentrocco.com Rocco

    Fantastic update of one of the best casual games out there. Love it.

  • Richard Parker

    Awesome game. If tempted, buy it now. I wish I could give them more stars for this great free DLC.

  • DrummerB

    Finally!! Can't wait to try it and the iPad version will be amazing!

    • swarmster

      The iPad version could be extremely good. I was definitely excited to see that when I updated last night.

  • Hooded

    Just in time for when I go away to Alton Towers tomorrow 😀 Misses can drive whilst I try to get a high score.

    (AGON ID: Hooded)

  • Beast

    for some reason it says it is not compatible with my 1g ipod touch... any help?
    app is a legally bought version and ipod is updated to 3.1.3

  • mike

    Tilt to Live sounds like a geeky telethon.

    "Come on guys, we just gotta play 10 more hours of Monkey Ball, and Timmy will get that new lung!"

  • Frej444

    Oh God, I love you.
    I've played all the good games in the app store, but NONE beats Tilt to Live.

  • http://blog.finefin.com finefin

    @hooded: good luck playing the game on a rollercoaster. I even have trouble to keep control of the arrow when I take the undeground...

    nonetheless it's one of the greatest mobile games out there!

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