It seems like I just wrote about this game a few days ago but we have some more information to share with you. Just in case you don’t remember, ESPGALUDA II is a bullet hell shooter from Cave, the leader in creating games of this type. Our forums have been buzzing about this game since it was first announced. If you watch the new game play video we have below you will see why.

The official word on the release date is April 10th, 2010 with an introductory sale price of $4.99. The normal price is going to be set at $8.99. There will also be a lite version so you can see if you can handle bullet hell games before you buy. Also worth mentioning is, the game will only run on the iPhone 3GS and the 3rd generation iPod Touch. I can't wait for this one to come out.

  • Xurkey

    I love Cave shooters so I will absolutely be picking this up the moment it's released.

  • Hippieman

    I love watching these Bullet Hell games, but they make me so nervous. Still looks just beautiful!

  • Finch

    Ack, I don't have a 3gs or 3rd generation touch. Any news on iPad? I'd gladly play it with pixel doubling on the iPad instead.

    • japtor

      It should work fine...assuming they didn't write it with the clock speed in mind.

  • Crunc

    I presume they are showing the new mode where you can turn bullets into crystals or whatever. That looks like it makes the game ridiculously easy. In fact it's unclear why you wouldn't spend the entire game just tapping bullets. There didn't seem to be much if any limit on doing that. I hope the game plays well without that uber-easy mode. On the other hand it did look like it controlled precisely, so there's hope.

  • Pierre

    hard to imagine why the game needs a 3gs to run. background and sprites all look 2d. effects are all normal, so why? maybe they don't wont to target such a large audience? 🙂

    • spiffyone

      Actually, games like this are HEAVILY sprite intensive. Might be 2D, but crunching all those sprites takes some serious amount of processing power.

  • Khamous

    🙁 3G only... Meh, I'm stuck here with a 2G, o well... will have to wait a few years to play this on my iDevice :p

  • shin

    make an update so it can run on all iDevices, a huge marketshare is being left out

    • araczynski

      at $9 for the game, i don't think they really care too much about how much of the market they're missing out on anyway 🙂

      • Dominic White

        The 360 version - which is the *exact* same game - costs $73 BEFORE postage from Playasia. The iPhone version is a ridiculous bargain.

      • japtor

        And the PCB is just a bit under $1000. The 360 version is a steal!

        (not that I buy too many boards, my most expensive ones cost under $400 and most were under $200)

  • Jerggs

    Looks awesome, but after playing some games on the epic iPad 10" screen idono if i can go back to iPhone. Anyword on if or when and iPad version is coming? Wouldn't be too hard to just fill the iPad screen and make iPad version too. I guess I could just double pixel it on iPad, but it doesn't look quite as amazing.

    • japtor

      Keep in mind the original resolution is probably 240x320, so no matter what it's going to be upscaling quite a bit. The iPhone one has 1:1 graphics and two slightly larger modes.

      I'd like iPad modes too, if only cause the control layout would probably have to be tweaked to work comfortably. Otherwise the iPad is the right aspect ratio to scale to full screen (...then I'd like keyboard control options).

  • Heaven