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‘Pocket Legends’ iPhone and iPad Client Comparison

Spacetime Studios’ MMO Pocket Legends was released in the same massive batch of iPad games available at launch, and so far, people seem to really be enjoying it. We already posted about the iPad version and managed to dig up some details on the iPhone client, which they expect to be approved and appear on the App Store very soon now.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, considering the game was originally developed with the iPhone in mind, the differences between both clients are fairly minor. For instance, you have a larger chat window on the iPad, and can see the full spell and emote icon banks on screen at once. On the iPhone, you’re limited to a a reduced range of camera motion that stops you from zooming in or out as far as the iPad is capable of.

Aside from that, everything else is nearly identical and the developers have assured me that players will have a great gameplay experience regardless of which device they’re playing on. Here are some comparison shots to see the difference between the two clients. The iPad is on the left, iPhone is on the right.

Camera all the way out on both devices

Camera all the way in on both devices.

Emotes and skills able to be displayed on the iPad, while only one can be displayed at a time on the iPhone.

We’re excited to see Pocket Legends make its way to the iPhone and iPod touch, and if the excitement in the thread for the iPad game is any indication, Pocket Legends is going to see an explosion of players from TouchArcade as soon as the second game client hits the App Store.

App Store Link: Pocket Legends for iPads, Free (iPhone client coming very soon.)