Firemint has let loose gameplay videos for iPad sequels for their massive hits Real Racing and Flight Control.

Real Racing HD

The iPad enhanced version carries enhanced graphics and a number of new features including:

  • Car Skins - select photos from your photo album to wrap the images around your selected car
  • Ghost Racing - race against a pre-recorded ghost from other players around the world
  • Watch replays of their races within the game with different camera angles

Flight Control HD

Meanwhile, Firemint's genre-creating Flight Control also benefits from the large iPad screen with many more features including a 3D-glasses mode.

  • Split-screen “versus” mode: play competitively by sending your planes to capture aircraft from your opponent.
  • Co-operative multiplayer on a single iPad: share landing duties with a friend on one of three HD airfields.
  • Multiplayer on two devices (selected from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch): land aircraft of your own color, and direct others off the screen for your fellow Controller to land.
  • New Snow airfield with variable wind direction in addition to the four Classic iPhone airfields (Original, Beach, Carrier and Outback) and three HD airfields, for a total of eight single-player airfields.
  • Quirky “3D view” airfield brings Flight Control to life like never before – use red/cyan glasses to see aircraft floating above the iPad (3D glasses not included, widely available from retailers such as at low cost).
  • Many more enhancements including all-new path continuation, improved collision warnings, a new “safe” fast forward function, and a longer version of the Flight Control song

The two sequels are iPad only and available now.

App Store Links (iPad): Real Racing HD, $9.99, Flight Control HD, $4.99
App Store Links (iPhone/iPod Touch): Real Racing, $4.99, Flight Control, $0.99

  • dagamer34

    For real racing, I'd rather be able to use my iPhone as a controller when playing on an iPad. Flopping around a huge screen like that is more likely to make people drop it.

    • arn

      ya, and the iPhone without physical buttons will never take off as a gaming platform.

      People need to have an open mind about new platforms they haven't physically touched yet. 🙂 The one hands-on report from that reporter seemed to like Real Racing HD on the iPad.

    • SalsaMD

      Again, no one is likely to play driving games with the ipad flapping in the breeze, but rather with one's forearms and/or hypothenar aspect of hands (5th finger side) resting on one's thighs, a chair rest, or table.

  • Ipressbuttons

    So want an iPad... Have to wait till September!

    Been on this site for agessss but I don't suppose you could write up on all the iPad XD like iWork! If it works well than that is incredible!

  • Billy

    I LOVE the Flight Control theme song. I could listen to it for hours! 🙂

    I'm not planning to buy an iPad anytime soon, but when I do these 2 Firemint games will be 2 of my immediate purchases.

  • epoverb1

    Is there a way to separate out the iPad reviews to another section or something?

    I'm also feeling like there is more attention being paid to the iPad right now than the iPhone on this site (although I haven't done a count of which gets more attention in any way). It makes sense given that the iPad is about to be released, but it really feels like the iPhone is being neglected. I hate to see my interest in the website wane, which it is.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I'd personally appreciate it if you stopped spamming the articles you are clearly not interested in. If you'd be so kind, simply ignore them. I'm sure Arn has gotten the message and he seems to feel, like I do, that most people will be able to handle iPad AND iPhone news sharing the same space after the launch has subsided.

    • JCat

      I'm seeing this complaint everywhere about too much attention being paid to iPad (AppAdvice, Gizmodo, etc..). There's a launch that's about to happen so you might want to get use to it for a while. If you had one on order, or were planning to purchase one shortly, I'm sure you'd be delighted by the flood of information and videos that are pouring in.

  • Eric

    Firemint, will you release car templates that wrap perfectly so we can make bad-a designs?

    • Rob

      I mentioned a little more about car skins in the upcoming ipad games Real Racing HD thread. This is a skins webpage linked to from the game, where you can get a few examples to get started with:

      Note: You cannot overwrite the windows, grills, lights etc, they are all going to be masked back out by skins system so that the car still looks good even if you just apply a photo. So focus on where the paint is. Also, just to clarify, your skins will appear in your own game, but not online or in multiplayer. Lighting and reflections will be applied by the game on top of your skin, so keep that in mind also if you want to do some top quality designs.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    You know, I never tried Flight Control -- did I hear a gasp? I did pickup the harbor one on the iPad to try out that type of game, but I'm sure the original is the best. 😀

    I was also never that interest in Real Racing on the iPhone -- except for the potential it was showing for the device as it was being developed. I'm getting interested now, though. Seems like it will be much more engaging with the large screen and I have a feeling the controls will benefit from a bigger "wheel".

  • johnwayne

    yup, a own ipad section would be better, there are a lot of people who don't even intend to buy an ipad. Who really needs something between a smartphone and a netbook/notebook and then also pay extra for apps? Luxury stuff which no-one really needs, unlike the Iphone or Ipod Touch 🙂

  • devitus

    Real Racing looks absolutely amazing. And this is one of the reasons why I am NOT getting an iPad - it will end up draining my entire iTunes synced credit card balance 🙂

  • WiseWeasel

    I agree with dagamer34. I think my arms will get tired using the iPad as a motion-sensing game controller for extended periods.

    What we really need is a free "Game Controller" app for iPhones and iPod Touches on the app store, which all these 3rd party game developers could add support for. This app would basically have the following features:
    1) some kind of handshaking mechanism to link to the app running on the other device.
    2) retrieve a custom-built HTML/CSS/javascript interface from the 3rd party developer servers.
    3) do nothing but run the interface as smoothly and unobtrusively as possible.
    4) earn some extra profit by plugging some random game with a splash screen on app launch or something.

    Or, this could all be done via a web interface accessed in mobile safari, but I think a native custom-tailored app would be nicer.

    Even games that support multiplayer, where all the iPhone/iTouch users have to buy another copy of the game, are not cutting it. We just need to be able to extend the iPad with iPhones/iTouches as peripherals.

  • Wes

    Real Racing is an amazing iPhone game, but on the larger iPad screen in HD, it looks a little lifeless and bland to me. The graphics being super-sharp just highlights how empty and simply-constructed the backgrounds are.

    I guess with the the larger screen and HD, I'm no longer only holding it in comparison to PSP and DS racers.

    Still, I'm sure this is just a first step for them, and that future updates or sequels will only improve.

    • SalsaMD

      Check out NFS: Shift HD

  • MicroByte

    Thanks for the video, this cements my decision to purchase Real Racing HD! I'm a fan of the the iPod Touch version and can't wait to play the upgraded iPad version tomorrow!

  • Augustine Jann

    Thanks for your post. I know a little bit about the topic but am always glad to come across more information.