In celebration of Spring, EA has discounted a number of their games until April 5th. The list includes a wide range of titles included below:

The sale lasts through the weekend until April 5th.

  • monster

    I can finally buy Snood at the price it should be!

  • Sambo110

    I can probably get away with buying one game, but what game I wonder. Maybe The Simpsons.

  • jiSh

    The Simpsons Arcade = bought

  • Chris

    of course NO C&C: Red Alert.

  • JCat

    LOL in celebration of spring? More like - let's discount these fast, the iPad has landed.

  • Josh H.

    Got The Simpsons Arcade last night, love it.

  • http://TouchGen Kamblad

    Snagged Simpsons, Boggle and Scrabble. Great sale!

  • Cameron W.

    EA's Lemonade Tycoon is also on sale at $0.99 from $1.99. For anyone that wants the non-free version, this is the time to buy.

  • Dan

    hey i thought lemonade tycoon's full version was free? or are there two LTs?

    • Cameron W.

      Two full versions of Lemonade Tycoon are available. One with ads and one without.

  • aros

    Simpsons Arcade is well worth the .99, buy it if your on the fence its a bargain at that price

  • drelbs

    Excellent sale, but the fact that EA has not yet sent me an iTunes gift card I won two weeks ago is making me not want to spend any money on these at the moment...

  • Tom

    My daughter would love the American Idol game but it's not available in the Canadian store. What's up with that?

  • Trogador

    Guys, Simpsons Arcade or Wolf RPG?

    • RNF

      Ummm, how bout both for that price! 🙂

  • amg
    • MrMuesli

      Not impressed with 1 screen shot tbh. The excepted standard is 5.

    • Jas

      Yes, but the full Mirrors Edge on consoles is now cheaper than the lobotomised version on iPad!!

    • joedirte

      yeah... I'd never buy this for the iPad when it can be had for under $10 for the 360... amazing game, btw

  • bdragonst

    All the games im not interested are on sale... blahh.. =.=