953311_2AppventCalendar's latest freebie is the action platformer Wheeler's Treasure. We're big fans of this game which made an appearance in our Best iPhone Games of November 2009 roundup and garnered a 4 star rating.

Wheeler's Treasure has a feel of part mini-game and part platformer and is one of the most original games we've seen. The goal of the game is to see how many yards you can accompany a wheel through a sidescrolling environment filled with all kinds of obstacles. You can use the wheel to shield yourself from enemies, avoid hazards, swing, jump, and more. Your character is moved using simple swiping gestures, and buttons in the bottom corner of the screen control the use of your items.

See our full review for details, or just go ahead and download it.

We felt the game had a longer learning curve then most pick-up-and-play games but we do recommend you stick with it, as the gameplay skills and strategies will soon become apparent.

App Store Link: Wheeler's Treasure, Free (Today only)

  • Colbertj

    Bastards, I just bought this! Wait, it was only a buck, so glad to help the developer :0

  • blackHorse

    All the best games, all the best games, they are free!

  • Noah

    Haha, I knew it'd pay off if I waited 🙂

  • Vicenteragal

    Hmm, i'm not liking this game very much, there is too much going on... Kinda confusing to me.

  • monster

    damnit I just got this last week!

  • jeffyg3

    Haha! Yes! I was thinking about getting this too. This is too awesome.

  • http://appsandstuff.weebly.com/ Addicted2waffle

    Wow i really liked this game... So far, this and the defence game is the only 2 games worth playing.. Is my opinion.. But im glad to c more quality games the next 15 days.. I bet there is a gameloft game in nr.24 😀

    • jacques

      i dont

  • minorpane

    I just got this too... but it was worth it.

  • Ender

    I really wanted to like this game, but I figured out what was wrong with it. Usually, games give you either a health bar or your health is tied to some object in game. In this game it's both: you have a health bar, but also you will lose the round if your wheel loses all its parts. I think that if they simplified it so that you only had to concentrate on keeping the wheel together it would actually be a much better game.

  • http://anelson.ca Ashley

    man this game fun yo
    why was it a BIG FLOP... no where is the rankings?
    Can someONE TELL ME PLEASSE>>>..

    • Adams Immersive

      Just the luck of marketing and a very crowded market. Just like you can have a great band and make great songs, and might never escape your garage. Let’s hope this freebie brings them some more attention and ultimately sales.

      I glanced over the review when it came out and was not interested, but still tried it for free and I’m VERY impressed. I’m glad it’s more complex than I expected, and the controls are well done.

      • http://anelson.ca Ashley

        yeah its really nicely polished... i hope the best for the dev 🙂