Gameloft has released the promised online multiplayer update for their first person shooter Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Modern Combat was perhaps the first successfully executed first person shooter for the iPhone, so the addition of online multiplayer has been a much anticipated feature.


With the update having just gone live, it's really too early to tell much. Obviously, if you own Modern Combat already, go ahead and download the free update and give it a try yourself. Here are a series of screenshots from the game.


The game offers 3 different multi-player maps which seem fairly large, certainly compared to Eliminate's current maps.


Both Solo and Team games can be set up with time limits and kill limits. Total online players seem to be limited to 4 so Team play is really 2 on 2.


Once you join a match, you choose which class you would like to be which offers you different weapons.



The people that have been able to play a session seem to be impressed, but my experience so far is spotty. I haven't been able to stay connected to a match to really get into a game. [See update below]

As I said before, it's too early to say much about the gameplay as the update was just released. Over the next day, we'll see how the servers pick up and the user base grows. If you own Modern Combat, simply try the update out for yourself. If you were waiting for this update before buying, you'll have to wait a bit longer to get a clear picture. The discussion of the game is continuing in our massive forum thread.

App Store Link: Modern Combat: Sandstorm, $4.99

Update: It seems for those on iPhones, even though you must play over Wi-Fi, turning off 3G (or turn on Airplane Mode) seems to actually make a big difference in your Wi-Fi connectivity. It doesn't make sense, so we're not sure if this is a fluke or an actual bug, but if you're having trouble connecting to servers, try this. Now that we've been able to connect, things are running very well.

  • ImNoSuperMan

    I have my doubts here but for a free update, I`m definitely going it give it a try 😀

  • Yo bro!

    I was thinking about buying the game, but after hearing about the problems I think I'll stick with cod zombies

  • Druid

    I have enabled wifi on my iPhone3GS but everytime when I join or creat a game it always crash!

  • Reinhart

    Of course turning off 3G makes sense. iPhone seems to use your carrier's network (whatever that's called, never in my life have I subscribed to the service that allows me to surf the net on my phone) instead of wi-fi, even when you have wi-fi.

    • Sticktron

      That's not how it works. If WiFi is enabled, the nphone will try to connect using it, if not, then falls back to cell network for data.

      Turning on Airplane mode DOES reduce interference allowing for a stronger signal.

  • wateracid

    Umm can i play single player instead of multi player?
    Like play alone?

    • photoshop


  • photoshop

    dehr of course

  • wateracid

    So i can just explore the map alone and test out weapons ? Wow if it is this rox!

  • Photoshop

    No? I am not sure.. i thought you meant if the single player missions are still there. They are .

  • Postalp

    Damn thing crashes every time I join or create a game.

  • John

    I can't play online cuz it says I have to rnvale upnp in my router?
    Also I made a gameloft live account on my iPhone but it says my user name doesn't exist on my computer

    • Trautman

      >I can't play online cuz it says I have to rnvale upnp in my router?
      me too.

      • whocares

        I can't play either because of that. 🙁

  • blrhead

    this is lame... its telling me I have to enable UPNP when its already enabled..... stupid bugs....

  • upnp

    Anyone know how to get round enabling upnp when wireless extreme base stations don't support upnp?

    • Iori

      Same prob here. It's so annoying!!!

    • TKO

      Not to mention UPNP being a security nightmare. (ie: The current implementation allowing any program, malicious or not, to open holes in the firewall without permission.) ..If it has to be switched on, I'd strongly recommend switching it right back off again after.

      Anyone worked out what ports it opens in the router? ..for those of us who would prefer to do it manually (or have routers without UPNP.)

      • Sticktron

        Take off your foil hat, noone is trying to h4ck your secrets.

        UPNP is great, and makes network devices so easy to use.

      • jason

        well apparently with upnp enabled, if u visit the wrong site, the malicious party can hack your router, and can then send u to another website that looks like a site u joined etc... phishing nightmare.. not sure if NAT is the same... I know that my xbox always squawked at me for not having NAT on..

      • TKO

        I'm really not worried about my secrets being hacked. The router I'm currently using is pre-UPNP. I'm too lazy to set up the newer one ..and besides, with L4D2 and MW2 out, how is this game even gonna get a look-in?

        Problem is: The people most in danger of being hacked aren't technically proficient enough to even know how to check if ports are open on their router ..and the inherent lack of security in UPNP puts everyone behind that router in danger, not just the one dumb enough to get hacked.

        The stupid thing, with respect to this game, is: all they had to do was say somewhere: enable UPNP *or* open port 53878 (for example) on your router for UDP. That's all. One sentence. Then everyone could use it.

      • Chad

        Sorry but no company tells people to open ports in the same area they market the game. The solutions to those things are always found buried in forums.

    • squarezero

      Same here. Airport supports NAT, which is supposed to be the same thing. In any event, the point of multiplayer on a mobile platform is to be able to play anywhere. What are the chances that Starbucks will let you switch their UPnP setting?

      This is a huge win for ngmoco. They must be breaking out the champaign.

      • jason

        My xbox used to squawk at me for not having NAT on... has this solved the problem or it should but it isnt? I have yet to go into the router mayhem to figure it out myself... if someone figures out which ports please do a step by step

        my anti-spam word was connect :p

  • Aletor

    Calm down men! It's the best shooter so far, all this mess will be solved soon. Hope so!

  • Alienmario

    I passed the UPNP 😛

    • andré


    • UPNP

      Any news on how?

      • jason

        lol how did u get a picture ?

  • jackson

    connection very bad, eliminate is much better

  • Zack

    i hate this it looks awesome and i really want to play but i have 2wire witch doesnt support npup if you no a way that allows me to play give to me soon i want to play so bad

    • Coral

      I also have a 2wire router. This is pretty ridiculous that they require UPnP to play.

      • Zack

        it has made me pretty pissed cause i waited so long for the multiplayer i like the game but gameloft never makes any updates and when the do the thing is all screwed up

  • Jake

    Whenever I open online play, then go to search the game just crashes, i tried everything reinstalling, rebooting, respring, safe mode, swap mode, NOTHING WORKS! anyone else have this problem or a fix

    • Mr Slinky Spring

      Yeah happens with me too.. The only way I can play is by hosting a game then waiting around for someone else to join the room!
      If you're desperate to play, try that

      • Jake

        IK but know one will join! Do you have a ipod touch 2g running 3.0 firmware and are you jailbroken?

      • Mr Slinky Spring

        Nah 3gs non-jailbroken, Dumas is probably right.. Let's just hope Gameloft's servers are ready for NOVA!

      • Jake

        your lucky, the 3gs is the best thing out there, if only you wud jailbreak, will you jailbreak and get n64iphone when it comes out? it will actually work on a 3gs

  • dumas1000

    I played for a while this morning and it was pretty awesome. It definitely felt like a more genuine experience then eliminate. Bigger maps, more potential strategy invloved, and team play was a nice touch. I enjoy run and gun, but within reason. Eliminate is completely over the top. This game actually allows you to use your scope/sight and engage enemies for a reasonable distance away.

    I suspect their servers are overloaded and that is causing significance performance dips. I played at 4:00am, so the server was less overloaded, and I got into one match that was entirely free of lag.

    As far as issues with routers and router incompatability, I had to port foward my router so that it would work with COD games on my 360. Until I port forwarded my router, I could barely even get into a match, and this was an Xbox Live game. Everyone should make sure their router is port fowarded, if you're using it for gaming. It'll increase your router's performance, beyond just MC:S.

  • dumas1000

    If you try to search for a match hosted by someone else, chances are the game will crash. I almost certain that the server is overloaded and that that's the only real issue here. I played this morning and the game works well. Gameloft's servers simply can't handle the load.

    • Louard

      I highly doubt it's a server load problem. The game asks if you want to host which would suppose they are having the player's device act as a server. Besides, you wouldn't need a UPNP enabled router if they were using dedicated servers. I fear the problem is of a buggier nature.

      • gude

        same i say

  • Iori

    Argh, what the heck is UPNP? I share wifi straight from my iMac. How can I fix this annoying problem?

  • Chris

    This update is crap! I can't even search for a game before the game crashes! Sort it out gameloft, NGmoco had no problem with it, why do you!?

  • dumas1000

    There are two seperate issues here, the UPNP enabled router is one issue. The crashing of the game when you attempt to search for a match, assuming you have a compatible router, is the second.

    Once you get in game, the experience is amazingly smooth, or at least it is for me. No significant lag. The framerate is not as great on a 3g iphone as it is on a 3g ipod touch, but the 3g iphone is still more than playable. Once you get into a match, it's a pretty awesome experience. I'm suprised the most at how good the maps are. Artistically, I didn't believe Gameloft to be capable of something like this.

    The crashing of the app when you attempt to search for a match is the product of a severely overloaded server. When I played this morning, there was no issue. Gameloft will repair this. I'm certain. There are more people online then they had anticipated. don't write this off. Trust me. This has the potential to be the best online experience ever offered on the appstore.

    I don't know what to say about the issue with routers. I suspect Gameloft felt that placing certain restrictions on eligible routers would stabilize gameplay, which hasn't happened yet, obviously.

    I don't think you can even play online if you have a Mac router. Mac routers don't allow you to make the neccessary adjustments. Considering that this is an iphone game, and Apple is the developer of both the iphone and the Mac, that's pretty bad.

    Believe it or not, this actually improves my hopes in terms of what NOVA might be like. Gameloft will repair the technical glitches, and when they do, this game will be incredible. I fear that hackers will ruin the fun though. Most handheld/mobile games are unstainable online due to hackers.

  • ephelant

    same problem as everyone else. tried with airplane mode on, wifi on, upnp enabled and nothing works. can rarely connect to the server ("connection was lost" error) and when I occasionally succeed and search for a game it crashes. useless update. Gameloft should be ashamed - we wait months for something and they can't even be bothered ensuring it works prior to release.

    one word: lame.

  • Ben

    what IP does one enter for port mapping?

  • dumas1000

    i played a match and died four times in the span of 5 seconds. I spawned only twice, but I was killed twice for each time I spawned. By grenades, I supposed, from an opponent that was nowhere close to me. Houston, we have hackers.

    • bobsagetface

      nope, its just uber server lag, not detecting the grenade hitting you and so it registers it 4 times.

  • Slayher

    Has Gameloft even recognized that there's a huge problem here? Have they made an official statement?
    I won't be buying Nova after having to deal with this mess and seeing how bad their support really is.

    • squarezero

      I've pissed and moaned as much as the next one on this issue. But, to be fair, this all happened on a Saturday. I'm holding out till Monday to make up my mind about the quality of Gameloft's support.

      • Slayher

        I understand it's a weekend, but they should at least acknowledge the problem and give us a statement with a timeline. It's irresponsible of them to release such an update on a weekend if they're not gonna be there to watch over it.
        I'm sorry but no excuses, they fucked up bad, and they need to know.

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    I started playing at 5am UK time and I got into a few games. Probably because most of the US and UK are asleep! Either that or gameloft are on th case. Really enjoy the way this is put together but would still love optional voice chat and more maps!!

  • Phantom81x

    Having the same problem with UpNp, what the hell is going on. Does anyone have any solutions around this?

  • along123

    Great. I sold my iphone last month. I'm almost regretting it. But, i'm hoping by the time my current phone contract finish (and i get the latest iphone!), they will improve on the multiplayer n more of such games then!

    I miss my iphone!!

  • iphonehacks0r

    how to fix upnp problem: 1. go to airplane mode on your iphone 2. enable your upnp on your modem/router settings (how to open settings: go to then copy the ip address to your browsers address bar then you are in settings) then restart your modem/router and iphone and it should work if works subscribe to my youtube channel 😉

  • jdijdijdij

    takes forever to connect. Runs great when connected... until other players join the match...

    Then it's practically UNPLAYABLE!

  • jeffyg3

    I was hoping this would be a great launch for the multiplayer...I was looking forward to finally having a good online FPS on the iPhone.

  • Really?

    Honestly, this is outrageous. I can play Eliminate fine no uPnP needed. This I cannot play because my router doesn't even support uPnP. This is very upsetting because now I know I won't be able to play N.O.V.A for the same shit... :/ Please fix this >_>

    • dumas1000

      Eliminate is powered by dedicated servers. Someone has to pay for that. Modern Combat has no servers, which is a good thing, in premise, because we, as customers, don't have to pay for it. However, because of this difference, you cannot compare Eliminate to Modern Combat.

    • JustDenny

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only thing that ngmoco has over than gameloft is the fact that you can play eliminate on 3g. Every other aspect of the company and their pitiful games fail misirably. I've been playing online mc and nova since the day they came out with no issues at all.

  • http://yum zach

    i have a ipod touch and i can't get in if some 1 could mail me my name is dark_zach

  • http://yum zach

    they really need more maps mw2 is like the beats games out there they should have it on ipodtouch i would so get it and the cod zombies aka nazi zombies should have all the maps like shis no numa and all the other ones

  • derp

    beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games beats games

  • Vince

    just played a couple of rounds in a row. seemed fine. until a hacker came and killed everyone in one shot with a rpg. like wtf we were not even in a group

  • Sr101

    Gameloft's Twitter says it's a beta and will all be fixed with a new update very soon.