screen_04(0)Com2us has released a trailer for their upcoming RPG Chronicles of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone which is due out this month.

The RPG genre on the iPhone has really seen an explosion of titles -- both released and announced. This Chronicles of Inotia sequel appears to be one of the more promising ones.

Features listed by the developer include:

  • Classic RPG: Over 200 Single player quests.
  • Match up Mode: Endless online battles against other players on our server.
  • Classes: Choose from 5 classes. Knight, Magician, Priest, Thief, Templar.
  • Party System: Ally with up to 2 mercenaries which can be customized by the user.
  • Look System: Change your character appearance with each new armor you equip.

The game is due in December 2009.

  • Dude99

    Looks amazing, the first one was great, this one looks much better.

  • oneWAYup7

    Simply awesome. I have no doubt Com2Us will deliver.

  • MagerValp

    Christ, what's with all the boobs?

    • This_That

      Do they frighten you?

      • Tim

        LOL! They scare me too... mommy... and by that I mean MOMM-MEEE! LOL!

      • mike

        obviously no, the mindset of the people who insist on animated porno does those. lol.

  • Mikhail

    Animation sucks

  • sandy

    Why do all RPGs that come out in AppStore have to be Action RPGs? Why don't they release some turn based ones?

  • sony154

    Animation sucks indeed, It looks like shit to be honest. Why do developers even care these days?

  • Tim

    I was kinda "eh" about this game... but the trailer got my attention.

    ...I'll be watching... ooooo mysterious like...


  • chris

    those women characters are VERY well created

  • Jorlen

    Loved the first one, played it till the end... this one looks quite different but I'll definitely buy it regardless.

  • Crish

    Honestly, I thought the first on sucked. I bought it when it arrived in the store and all I got was a buggy grinder, with graphic issues but without a decent story. I played about 10 hours trying to enjoy it, but I simply couldn´t. Most likely the first one would fail if it would be released today. Back then there wasn´t much to compete with.

    But, besides of crappy animations, the second one does look more interesting and seems to deliver some features we haven´t seen on an iPhone/iPod Touch-RPG before. But this time I won´t buy instantly...

  • Aaron

    Looks better than the first one, but just quests and no real storyline? We need engaging, thought-provoking, emersive RPGs, may that be turn-based, strategy, action, adventure or tactical. I want a good story. No reason why we don't have DS- or PSP-length *RPGs on this platform. Square, Capcom, Atlus, Namco... Yeah, I'm talking to you folks, as well as new developers.

  • Hubby

    Looks great but why not a Golden Sun turn based style rpg? Still buyin' this one though..!

  • TKO

    Hmmm... Dragons .. Theives with boobs .. Damn, they've got me there. Have to buy. 🙂

  • Jeff

    I beta tested this and put up an in-depth preview some time ago. It has a compelling storyline, and the trailer doesn't do the animations justice. Rest assure this thing will kick Zenonia (in terms of graphics and RPG gameplay) + The Quest's (in terms of content) asses combined.

    • LieDetective

      Beat the Quest in terms of content? Very, very doubtful.

    • Crish

      Will it beat The Quest in terms of depth and atmosphere? Thats what would make it worth a buy! 😉

      • Jeff

        It probably has equal or greater content than the first The Quest game - not including any expansions of course.

  • Raphie123

    Well, the game look very interesting, but I will not buy until I know why in the picture there is a Joystick and in the video you must touch the screen... We will be able to switch between control options? This would be nice, because the touch control completly destroyed the first one (my opinion), along with the poor depth of the game (1 class with 3 skills... wtf?)

    Well, I was impressed by the video and I wish that the game will be as amazing as the trailer!

    • mike

      that's quite the ultimatum. you must have been a negotiator in a previous life

  • Lum-chan

    Nice character art but the game looks pretty basic and runs at a very low frame rate. Can it really be so hard to scroll a 2D plane at 60fps? This doesn't even look like it's managing 15fps.

    • This_That

      I agree that the framerate looks horrible - but whoever made this video sucks because all of the beta footage on YouTube is MUCH better.

    • squarezero

      I agree. You can take a look at the STP hand on for a more accurate depiction of framerate:

  • Ujn Hunter

    Wait... 5 classes? Armor, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Armor?