In a surprise move, Activision has released Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies for the iPhone. This first person shooter is a Zombie survival mode adapted from the console version of the massively popular Call of Duty game. This Zombie mode was an unlockable mode in the console version and pits you against endless waves of Zombie invaders breaking down barriers as you try to defend your position by rebuilding barricades and upgrading your weaponry.

057689_2The iPhone version of the game includes one map "Nacht der Untoten" but Activision promises an add-on purchase for The Zombie Asylum, Verrückt in the near future. The game comes with both single player and multi-player Co-op modes that supports bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Online play. Yep, Online play. That means you can match up with 3 other players around the world and play together to defend your building. The gameplay video below shows some of this in action.

The game comes with three sets of controls: dual-stick, tilt, and swipe look. Both touch controls are usable though people seem to be preferring the dual-stick option over swipe-look due to the sensitivity of the latter.

The game begins with you in a house with boarded up windows. Waves of zombies slowly start attacking and you need to defend against their attacks. Windows are repaired with the press of a button, though having your attention split across the different entrances is a challenge. The ramp up is rather slow, but soon you'll have trouble surviving the oncoming hoard of zombies. As you kill zombies, you earn coins which can be used to buy better weapons which are found throughout the structure.

Online multiplayer works quite well and you can get quickly matched with others looking to play. Your co-players are seen running around the structure blasting zombies and repairing the base. Unfortunately there's no way to communicate with your partners during the game itself, but still, we were impressed by the inclusion of an online option (shown in the video above).

While the game is limited to one survival map at the moment, it's hard not to be impressed with the overall adaptation to the iPhone, especially with online Co-op play.

App Store Link: Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, $9.99

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  • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

    Help, I need a promo code since this game isn't available in Germany.
    I live in index-all-good-fps-games-country! 🙁

    • eggzbacon

      lol Sorry, but this game is awesome
      Dual Stick is the best, the default controls suck

    • Xood

      you live in a country that makes sure that inappropriate stuff is not released to minors. I am glad this happens, way too much violence these days

      • NeoTrunks


        It's not available in Germany because it involves Nazis.

      • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

        So, stupid!
        Then I also don't want to see Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg in the movie theaters.
        Why can I watch Inglourious Basterds but it's forbidden to play a game?
        I hate our inspecting authorities!!!

      • Kam

        yes. i am ALSO glad the government decided what ADULTS can and cannot play.

        stfu. you are a retard if you support such blatant nanny-state governments.

        I am for the right to choose.

      • Greg K

        ...anyone who uses the terms 'stfu' and 'you are a retard' SHOULD be banned from playing these types of games... I guess the operative word here is ADULT. No intelligent ADULT would say such a thing.

      • El_arabe

        Ok first of all like he said it's beacuse of the Nazi thing. Second why r people blaming video games and movies on violence dealing with kids. WHAT HAPPEND TO KIDS JUST BEING CRAZY. Huh seriosly it just so happens that there are just more crazy kids than befor. Nothing to do woth violence on video games and movies.

    • Harry

      That has nothing to do with nazis. It is not available because Apple decided so. Games on the Appstore aren't even reviewed by the USK. They could get in trouble because they give out age restricted games to anyone, without the need to prove your age. And before Apple gets in trouble for that, they don't publish it on the appstore. Duke Nukem was not allowed because the game is still on the Index from the 90s.

      If it would be because of nazis, why are all the other Call Of Duty games available here? Why is "Der Untergang" a german producation? Man check your facts before you rant on here.

      • Littlebigbenny

        Well, the Call of Duty games are available in Germany without the swastikas.

        In movies etc. the nazi symbols are allowed because these medias are considered as art.

      • TKO

        Be thankful you couldn't get Duke Nukem on the iPhone. The port itself was fine enough, but the controls sucked like a sucky thing on a particularly sucky day. ..The digital controls looked like they were positioned so as to not obscure the screen while simultaneously making them as confusing as fecking possible. The analogue controls are digital, but with analogue sticks, so damned awful too. I gave up in frustration before I'd even made it out of the movie theatre. Looked like a minimum effort for maximum money-grab ploy by the author. I hope he dies a painful death for preventing us from saving the worlds babes.

        Sorry to hear about the lack of ability to get FPS stuff there. Any chance you can sign up to another European store to get some content? Wasn't there a trick with using prepay iTunes vouchers to purchase from other stores? Not sure.. I only ever used credit card.


      well y dont u just change your location in the itunes store from germany to america and download it from there?

    • jason

      nothin like some good ol nazi censorship, still rootin for the home team or something?

    • GodShot

      anyone want to play with me?
      contact me at my aim

      also my cod account for itouch/iphone is

      contact me at aim and we can set up a game together along with 1 to two others

      • alex

        im up for it

  • http://musicgamespickles.blogspot.com/ Robert M.

    Really cool game that came outta nowhere. I just wish for 10 bucks it was at least a few more maps. Still I'm loving this game!!

  • eggzbacon

    I think that they are gonna add new maps in DLC, I bet you that all the other maps in DLC combined will equal to $10

  • Howard

    Didn't know this was coming....but $9.99 for one map?

  • Tzke

    1 level for 10$. Yikes.

    Fan of the series though. And Co-op is tantelizing. I'll bite.

    • http://www.monicadickey.com Monica Dickey

      Looks pretty fun for sure! I'm not sure if I can afford $10 for one level but it's so tempting. The graphics look great and I love frying some zombies.

  • hapz

    abit pricy, might wait abit for this one, for more videos perhaps

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Not out in the UK yet, but as soon as it is im getting it! Its about time Call of Duty games were released for the iPhone as with the likes of Modern Combat and Wolfenstein and Doom working really really well theres no excuse to release decent iPhone exclusive FPS missions.

    Will see!

  • momo

    i think the controls will be difficult ... and the grapic isn't that good. i think the conrol and grapics from modern combat are way better ...

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Oh yep it is out in the UK! My mistake, search for Call of Duty: and it comes up. Spot on downloading now!

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Controls take a bit of getting used to but can be modified. Agree that so far modern combat looks and plays better but at least its here and its actually fun to play and it controls fine after a few goes.

    The actions not as frantic as on the console version but thats a good thing.

    Good stuff!

  • http://twitter.com/scarbir Bartig

    Looks impressive and more importantly: totally stable. Would like to play this (only) with a dual-stick controller extension on the iPhone though. Touchscreens didn't work for shooters so far and this seems no exception.

    • antonioj

      Eliminate and Modern Warfare prove you wrong

      • Jeramie R.

        Lol, /face palm, its Modern Combat xD

  • Mário

    Who knows maybe we will get a Modern Warfare version for iPhone

  • Mike

    Looks good but $9.99??? and then charging more for future levels...

    No thanks.

    Mike R

  • Jaime

    damn the guy playing this needs practice, no offense

  • sufy

    I'll stick with Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 than wasting my money on this shit

    • mike

      yeah, good thing you 'saved your pennies' and got a PS3....

      wait... wtf?

  • Trogador

    $9.99 for one map? Then more for another map? There is no way I'm getting this before a price drop, even if it takes months.

    Also, only 16MB? That's pretty small considering the visuals in the video?

  • Sticktron

    Wow! Totally awese surprise... Zombies is the one thing I'm missing from WaW now that I've moved on to MW2.

  • Arta

    Why WAW instead of Modern Warfare 2?

    • http://Projectw.org Stephen0493

      Well the thing is that World at War (and the sequel due in autumn 2010) are made by Trearch and the newest Modern Warfare 1+2 are made by Infinity Ward. Activision has given each branch of COD to seperate companies so that they can maintain their yearly releases!

      So yeh, maybe we will see Spec Ops for iPhone.. and I want a joypad for this, other than that, sick game!

  • hordecantpvp

    I've played Call of Duty: World at War and the zombie co-op really is boring. The co-op for the regular missions are fun though.

    For Activision Blizzard to charge 9.99 for this single zombie map is incredibly shameless and pathetic.

  • araczynski

    milking the kiddies while they can.

  • fi2-shift

    Bought it, played it, I screamed, is amazing!, great graphics, great sorrounding sounds but default controls and tilt controls SUCKS, used dual stick, now I'm a happy person again :D...
    Buy it, you have a 70% chance in not being dissapointed @.@

    maybe Gameloft should sell a how-to guide tittled: "ho to make touch controls as good as Modern Combat"

    (sorry for my bad english)

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      I agree: MC:S controls are better. But the dual stick works well on COD:Z, and the coop play is very well implemented. And killing zombies (particularly with the awesome damage system here) is way more satisfying than killing Arab stereotypes ;).

  • Takapa

    Nazi Zombies rock. My brother has a 360 and I played it last Christmas. It was the most addictive multiplayer game ever.

    I'd pay $10 for the Zombie mode standalone on the PC version. I'm not interested in paying $50 for the full version of CoD5 and having to play through the game just to get to the game I actually want.

    If the iPhone had real controls it might be worth $10 to me but as it is, I'll wait for a sale before I consider buying it on the iPhone.

  • ObeyOboy

    Well worth the money in my opinion. Feel free to add me if you wanna have a go:)

  • Poco

    Once again Activision shows how greedy they are. 1 map for $10 and using "Call of Duty:WaW" even if this game has hardly to do something with it (yes, I know the game mode was in there) to attract. Really pathetic.

    • http://www.extreme-mods.com JWM2

      How is it pathetic, they are using the title to let you know that its the zombie mode from that game. Its not misleading, its informative. Whats pathetic is you feeling the need to point fingers at them and calling them pathetic.

      • Poco

        I never said it was misleading, I said it was pathetic. If they put COD on a Barbie box, 10 million people would buy it, the fact that it has nothing to do with COD changes nothing. You think the release in this time is accidental? Nah, let's use COD while all that hype around COD:MW2 lasts.

        Completely agree with araczynski's comment above - "milking the kiddies while they can."

      • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

        Poco, you would have a point if COD had a hidden Barbie mode, which popped out a doll out of our your console. As far as I know, it doesn't. It does, however, have a Zombie mode, and this game plays just like it. If fail to understand why you think this pathetic.

      • Poco

        Pathetic is charging 10USD for 1 map, trying to ride the COD wave.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      Riding the COD wave is called "good marketing." Releasing the game after people are sick of COD is called "bad marketing." Not sure why you think they should strive to fail commercially.

      People keep talking about 1 map, but there are actually three parts to it, two of which are locked till you buy access to them. Once you unlock the other sections, the whole thing is too big for a single player, but it's perfect for coop.

      Value is a relative thing. The game is very well put together, and right now provides the best FPS experience on the platform. That's worth $10.00 to me.

      • Poco

        Of course it is good marketing, I never said it wasn't. These guys should actually get some price for the biggest mass hysteria created (COD:MW2). I know how the map looks, I played all cod titles ever made for PC.

        If it is worth $10 to you then ok, I guess it is worth to many people. I really wish you guys fun (seriously, no sarcasm). I wouldn't buy it even if it was .99, I don't like fps's on small devices, but yet, I still find it overpriced.

      • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

        Never played WoW, so I didn't want to assume that everybody understood what was meant by 1 map. No disrespect intended. Obviously, if you don't like playing FPS games on the iPlatform, then any price would be too much for you.

        Your comments implied that whoever purchased this was somehow being "taken" by Activision. I don't think that's right at all.

  • EatKodosDaily

    Hey Arn,
    would you mind start tagging games based on the specific methods of multiplayer allowed?

    For example...
    EDGE / 3G / Other Cellular Networks
    Hot Seat
    Split Screen

    • http://www.iphonelife.com/ Menneisyys

      BTW, should you need more info on MP games, I tag (and filter) all the iDevice MP games in my bible.

      See the chart linked from http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?p=419463

      • EatKodosDaily

        It's impressive how much data you have for so many games, but your presentation could use some work. It's not the most attractive of websites.

  • MantleBreed

    Fantastic! Totally kicks Eliminate's ass. Other than Modern Combat, this is the only other FPS worth your time.

  • Tzke

    Well, it was ok. Need to be able to adjust sensitivity. Wanna give Co-op a go. That was the big seller for me. Otherwise this can get a tad boring fast.

    It looks good. The thing I'm optimistic the most about this is, they have an engine in place. They can listen to our praises, complaints and suggestions and start rolling out some SP campaigns of CoD and MW. 😉

    AND, Apple should make phone's/touch's with gamers in mind. I wouldn't mind having some trigger buttons on the side of the phone in landscape mode. Be slightly awkward, considering the size of the phone (I have huge hands) but after holding the phone with that in mind, the FPS gaming experience would own. I can just hear everyone bitching about what side the buttons should go on. That and Apple prolly wouldn't be thrilled at covering those buttons under warranty. I still want one though.

  • Klemens

    No CoD in Austria...

  • noah

    I was reading through the review, and thought for one map, this game must not cost more than 99 cents. Imagine my surprise when I read it costs $10. What a joke!

    • http://forums.toucharcade.com/member.php?u=1830 Liam (aka TGR)

      But hey, it's COD!

    • Maniacfive

      Instant purchase for me as I loved the mode on the xbox, and the other reviewers are right, its awesome. Plays just like it does on the 360, only with a few less zombies each round, which is a good thing, because as good as the dual sticks are, the iDevices just don't allow for the reaction speeds a console controller does. Its a great great game, and frankly Activision and the devs deserve the 5.99 asking price so they develop more like it

      The people bitching about price are funny, because they obviously havent played it, because they wont pay a price 'that high' Its one map, but that map is put together and plays much nicer than any number of 59p games i have played. sooo, would i rather 10 alright apps for 5.99, or one great one?

      People are so indignant about being cheap these days? You being cheap is not the developers fault.

  • Reason21

    Was hoping it would be free with the additional maps costing money. 10 bucks? Not biting.

  • majica

    i was all ready to get this...and it freakin says i cant casue i have a 1st gen ipodtouch...so lame......i hate it...this is becoming a regular with many games...trying to force 1st gen to upgrade....stupid

    • h0130j03

      well you gotta upgrade someday otherwise your device wouldn't be able to keep up with the game.

      • zelvar

        You can get this game for the 1st generation as i have it on my own.

  • Dark NRG

    I'm in LOVE! This is dope!!! So much more visually gratifying than Eliminate, tho Iv been playing a lot of E lately. And will end up cheaper for me, too. Love zombies! Funny how COD 5 i couldn't finish one of the end levels, and all i wanted was to get to the Zombies! Thank you for this!!!

  • http://www.iphonelife.com/ Menneisyys

    Guys and gals, I’ve uploaded a strictly multiplayer demo video to youtube.com/watch?v=N-d_dUOVo0c (sorry for no clickable links – external links result in the messages being put in the moderation queue, sometimes taking hours to review. You’ll need to highlight the link, Copy it (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-C) and, the Paste to the address bar (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-V)).

    First, I show local Bluetooth. Then, at 3:20, I quickly switch Wi-Fi on and return to the game to show you creating local, private Wi-Fi games (which involves having to enter a code on the client; this needs to be set in Profiles inside the game). Unfortunately, I exit this mode by mistake right at the beginning (couldn’t lay down the phones as, then, the pause is displayed right away) – nevertheless, at least you saw how password-protected games are joined. After this, I show online (lounge-based) gameplay. As you can see, online play is even slower on the 3G (it’s on the right) than local play – it’s pretty close to unplayable. The 3GS has absolutely no speed problems with online play, though. Also note that there are several online players; in this regard, you don’t need to be afraid of the same fate as with (the not recommended) iFPS, where you can meet hardly any human opponents.

  • will

    sounds worth it to be since em and my bro have ipods and love this game... me and him will milk this game dry

  • Bok Choy (Parker)

    I was all excited and ready to buy this until I saw the price. Dang... I'll wait until I have a good bit of store credit to purchase this. Looks cool, though.

  • Somerandomdude

    Seriously considering this game since I have 30 bucks on iTunes at the moment. Luckily the first map, Nacht Der Untoten, is my favorite, and will be followed shortly by my other favorite: Verrukt. I just need to know or have a good idea of 2 things first.

    1.) Is the random box included? I don\'t see why not, but it was my favorite part of the console version (Which I have spent hours playing) and it wouldn\'t be the same without it.

    2.) Any idea how it runs on a 1g? I know people don\'t have those anymore, but seeing as I\'m one of the 5 gamers left on the planet with one I\'m just curious how it runs.

    • http://musicgamespickles.blogspot.com/ Robert M.

      It's says 2g or higher so it might not work. Sorry!

    • http://www.iphonelife.com/ Menneisyys

      It doesn't even run sufficiently fast on iPhone 3G's, particularly in remote multiplayer. That is, if you do want to play remote multiplay and you only have an older model, don't get it.

  • Joe Dirt

    Its interesting how many people are trying to use the controls as a swipe (like eliminate etc). I just bought it and it seems to me that it is just a virtual thumbstick that can be triggered anywhere on the right handside... this makes it the same as the duel sticks but you can tap a shoot button rather than double tap to shoot. Shame that people are using them "wrong" and its not obvious. I like it - means i don't need to put my fingers all over the screen...

  • joseph

    10 bucks? hahahahahah, try again

  • dumas1000

    Hahahahaha, they would never sell a fulll COD game for $10, which is why we'll never see one. A complete COD game for idevices would cost $30, and since no one is willing to buy it for that much, it'll never happen. You get what you pay for, and since people don't want to pay more than $10, and are reluctant to pay even that, this is what you end up with.

  • differenz


    I get this error after I have purchased the game.. but the game won't download and install onto my iPhone!


    The error says:

    Stopped (Err=8012)

    There was a problem downloading the artwork for "Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies". Please try again by choosing "Check for Available Downloads" from the store menu.


    Anyone else got this?

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      Not from this game, but for others. Just do as the message asks, and you should be fine.

      • differenz

        ok.. works fine now 🙂

  • Shadowsfall

    OH F**KEN YEAH!!!! ONLINE PLAY!!!!!!!!!


    :D, don't mean to spam but THIS IS FREAKEN EPIC..

  • SteveH

    Is there some sort of control in selecting who you play coop with? For example could my girlfriend and I play together or is it just random pairing.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      You can host private games if you want. Or, if you're girlfriend is nearby, use bluetooth or wifi.

    • http://www.iphonelife.com/ Menneisyys

      You can - I've even demoed this in the multiplayer demo video - check it out.

  • Slayher

    I hate auto aim makes it feel like you're not really doing anything, cause you're not, and even switching to dual sticks, the controls just suck.
    I would love to see modern warfare with modern combat controls on the iPhone, online free for all baby! I won't be buying this unless the controls are fixed.

  • Rad

    16meg for $9.99

    What a Joke!

  • Tzke

    I just want to retract my earlier statement about this being boring fast. It's become quite addicting. Fun game. They should release a few freebies though. Map wise.

    Looking forward to a full fledged CoD campaign. 😉

  • oliath

    Grow up!
    When did a file size ever relate to a games value. Look at games like resident evil on the iphone. The file size simply shows that the devs are able to optimise the experience and explains why the game runs so fantastically on an iphone.

    This is an absolutely solid gaming experience and one hundred percent faithful to the original. Its staggering how they managed to achieve getting this onto the iphone and running so well in the first place.

    If you spent half as much time as many people in the console version of nazi zombies then this version is a godsend. You can also resume play after quitting the app which makes it great for quick busts here and there.

    While the asking price IS a little much for what is essentially one level i and truthfully they would sell more copies at 3.99 simply because the appstore customers are a little reluctant to spend large amounts.... this game is absolutely worth the price and with all the achievements, online play and inevitable new levels (which yes.. you will have to pay for) i can see myself racking up a considerable amount of playtime on this.

  • UMD

    I have a theory...
    Vivendi Games Mobile havent updated Crash Nitro Kart 3D for like eight months. I think a bit of time was spent porting this.
    Oh and as for the actual game as the Nazis have the eagle on their armbands how is it bad? and if it has swastikas in the game (im not sure) why dont they just put them on their armbands?

  • Dark NRG

    Hey, I'm the "cheapskate" apparently here, and I'm tellin you this is WORTH $10USD!

  • spiffyone



    Now I have to go and spend a 10 spot.

    Damn you iPhone/touch game developers for sparking my interest in such a great amount!

    *shakes fist in air

    BTW, this reminds me that Sega hasn't made a House of the Dead game for this platform, even though it's a no brainer (no pun intended). Sega needs to get on the ball with this.

  • K.Nitsua

    For those of you who are complaining about the $10 pricetag... You guys are the reason why big developers don't want to pursue the iPhone as a platform.

    I am so glad this game came out. First, it came out of nowhere, so it didn't need to rely on "hype" like other games have. Secondly, graphics are solid and the gameplay is addictive in long stretches or short bursts. Thirdly, IT'S ACTIVISION - the company who was even mentioned earlier this work by CNBC Business as a company who has stayed away from the iPhone "craze".

    They are taking this platform seriously, so they gave us a "serious" pricetag. Smaller, newer companies can't get away with this, so they don't. They drop their prices to gain notoriety in hopes to gain profit that way, or they are, respectfully, into this "community".

    Some games, I believe, are priced too LOW for what they are worth, and only blame users who are just stingy and EXPECT ridiculously low prices. I remember paying $3-5 for games on my RAZR! Never did I complain. I remember paying $5 for a Guitar Hero game, and we here get TTR3 for only 0.99 USD? Seriously guys, the complaining needs to stop.

    It's already bad enough that piracy is running this companies away from the iPhone format, but now they have to deal with whiney kids who either don't get enough allowance, or don't know how to use mommy's ATM card. These games are NOT easy to make, so don't discourage developers otherwise.

    Don't want to read above? Fine. I'll break it down.

    Call of Duty Franchise = $10 iPhone game.... period.

    Final note: This is Activision's first iPhone game, don't expect the controls to be perfect. I'm sure they will give updates in order to help out with controls. But honestly, as they are right now, they are not that bad. Dual Stick definitely works the best.

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      I agree with the general sentiment, but, trust me, companies like Activision don't give a crap about whinny kids. All they care about is that Top Grossing list on the App Store (CoD:Z sits at 49 on it right now, by the way). If they can make money on the platform, they will make the games. It's that simple.

    • spiffyone

      Just to let you know:

      I myself wasn't complaining about price (that would be a very-unspiffy-like thing to do, actually). I was making a joke (albeit one that can be read wrong) about app developers just being so damned good. Every time I come here there's another handful of games that are must buys.

      People complain about the slowness of Apple's approval process, but thank goodness for that. At least there's a little lull here and there between really great releases. 😉

    • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

      Couldn't have said it better myself, mate.

  • Joel

    I have just purchased the game, and I cannot put it down. online Co-Op Multiplayer is awesome and the game runs fine on the 3G just a slight lag when the map is full of zombies.

    • http://www.iphonelife.com/ Menneisyys

      Well, it all depends on what you call "slight" - in my tests, on the 3G, it was plain unplayable when compared to Eliminate / iFPS running on the 3G - or the same game on the 3G S. That is, I woulnd't recommend this title to anyone wanting to play online multiplayer on a 3G. (Local games seem to be far better.)

      • Hinzel

        I'm having the same issues on my 3g. I wish there was an option to use lower res textures or something to speed it up, as it's very choppy when there are a few characters on screen and just moving around in general.

        I don't need 60 fps but if it could run as good as modern combat:sandstorm or eliminate i'd be happy. hopefully they release some updates to address this

  • http://www.mooedia.co.uk Tomchap

    Well it plays really well on the analog stick style, very happy with it, wasnt sure to start with but really getting into it now and I love it!

    This surely goes to show that a COD campaign would play well on the iPhone so hopefully its just a matter of time before either a graphically cut down COD Console campaign is developed and released for the iPhone or even an iPhone exclusive game, based on Modern Warfare 2, that would be good.

    Agree the pricing for a single level seems steep but when you actually play the game and the quality finish of the game itself, its def worth it. Looking forward to the additional levels now!

    Im more than happy paying £5.99 - £9.99 for a game as long as it:

    * looks good
    * runs smooth
    * oozes quality
    * controls work fine

    And im happy to say that this does all of that.

    Nice one! 🙂

  • Oliath

    Addicted to this now. Once you unlock upstairs and get the flamethrower and trench gun it's soooooo satisfying killing the zombies.

    Incredible game. I hope it does well.

  • Pr!nce

    Can anybody tell me how is this possible that this game weights only 16 mb with such stunning (for an iphone) graphics? This is sick :O

  • http://www.hbdia.com IzzyNobre

    I gotta say, I usually don't bother with iPhone FPSs but this is top notch.

    Great game.

  • http://partis.si tine

    for me this game is a disappointment. i have never played a cod with unreal enemies and the point of the game was to feal like u are there. this is mostly for kids with dady money.

  • 50centluv

    i pirated this ish for free pussies

  • Naeem Momin

    How come no one is playing this game?? im trying to play co-op and i cant join any games and no one comes to my game. this is bull shit

    • xMrDarksidex

      reinstall it this happened to me too just reinstall you should be good


    I CANT PLAY ONLINE!...and my friends can...i have wi-fi too

  • brad

    does this game have missions??

  • B rad

    I Bought it the first day it came out.
    When i first bought it i was a little dissapointed, because the controlls were a bit different than eliminate and modern combat, but after i played it for maybe 10 minutes more i fell in love.
    Single player is great, but co-op.... its by far the most entertaining app i have ever played.

    About the controlls, the default controlls are a little scary when you first start. the sensitivity is super high for the first time playing. I started on the dual stick, and i tried the default setup again and i kind of like it. sometimes i play with dual stick, and others i play with default.

    What ever you do DO NOT play with tilt. its not fun when you are a newbie to the game and its not fun when you are a vetran.

  • Tyler


  • Tyler


  • Will Richie

    does the single player have a save anywhere feature?
    or do you need to play it until you die?

  • RK

    This is a great game but the new maps dont come out. the new maps button has been there for 4-5 months.

  • RK

    This is a great game but new maps dont come out.

  • sam

    if anyone want to play call of duty zombies for iphone/ipod touch contact in my aim= sumsul0134 so we can play together n kill those zombiesssss!

  • http://WidowsLiveHotmail Knight2016

    I say "great game,great graphics(for iphone/ipod touch) im Knight2016 play with me sometime

  • bobwithtoys3

    i downloaded it on a diffrent account and it didnt work unless i was in that acount..

  • bobwithtoys3

    it sucks...

  • Tim

    this is the best app ever it even worked on my ipod touch 1sr gen 8 gb(slow though)

  • http://toucharcade.com delta:)

    This game is hella awsome yo!!!


  • http://toucharcade.com/2009/11/16/call-of-duty-world-at-war-zombies-arrives-for-iphone/ dhobama

    can someone tell me the name of all the guns inculding in mystery box

  • http://www.theiphoneappreview.com Shaun

    You can find a full review of the new CoD: World at War: Zombies: Verruckt map here: http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/03/slay-some-nazi-zombies-in-call-of-duty-world-at-war-zombies-verruckt/

  • Raoul19

    Hello people,

    i got a problem here... I am trying to make an in-app purchase to get a new map, but if I go to the 'in-app store' it says it can't reach the server or something like that.. I tried a lot of times, I restarted, I reconnected to the Internet.. Nothing helped. :(.. And I am sure about the fact that my Internet connection is fine, because if I leave the app and go on safari, it loads fast. Please help me, cause I'd really like to have a new map to play on.. Thanks 🙂

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    Damn, my iphone broke as well. I may get one just to see this in action. Want my new pc too...so much money so little time lol

  • SiKSwaggha

    it keeps saying that my connection does not support online multiplayer can someone tell me whats up with that

  • http://iowabookstore.org Mark from Iowa Bookstore

    I found the iphone version really impressive in comparison to other iphone games, knowing what they had to start with, the epicness that is call of duty, they had a lot to live up to and I think they did splendidly.


  • Blake

    Yea they really did a good job on this one. Who knows how much I've spent in the app store on utilities, music apps, and of course, games; since the first iPhone 8 gb edge (and when the app store was added). But this game is extremely polished. The graphics are superb, the handling and overall smoothness of gameplay is amazing even when on highest detail (on iPhone 4). This Is perhaps the best game I own. Price was a little high but if you have the luxury, jump on it. The high re-playability value of this game makes it perfect for cell phones and well worth the money (you will always want one more try).

  • Jouster500

    i cant seem to connect to the internet and that makes playing solo a little freaky

  • Sddds

    How to play online with my friend he use the same internet as me same home i don't really know how to connect it

    • SavannaCyanide

      you have two options. When you go into co op mode, set it to local wifi and then you can host a game and wait for your friend can join, or your friend can host and you can join. 

  • Mac93yj

    anyone else having problems with it crashing? i downloaded it and after i click on it it just stops loading and takes me back to my app screen

    • riley

      to not have it crash press power button for a little bit then slid it after it loads press power button again for awhile then it will come back on

  • Harry

    Does anyone know how to host quick game matches??

  • rike

    yea it was great me and my riend play via bluetooth it is great itmade the 5 bucks back right after i played it i like every thing about it other than when it starts lagging on the higher levels check out our videos on youtube at the search bar type ryan23sikes its awesome leave us a commet saying that u found out off this website :c)

  • guest

    i try searching the app store on my ipad not through computer and for some reason i cannot find the app . Help ?

    • zkiller123

      try doing it threw the comuter

  • Zkiller123

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  • awesomeness

    I just got it for 5 bucks today its friggin awesome! 😀

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.mitchell.925 Michael Mitchell

      i love the way this game is produced n good job everyone on being nice if u wana play wit me somme time call meh 5613537747 n we can play k

  • SavannaCyanide

    I can't seem to get bluetooth or the local wifi to connect me to my sister so we can play on our ipods together. could it be because of a slow internet connection? Any suggestions on how to fix this? 

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.mitchell.925 Michael Mitchell

      ya try to restart boath ipod connections n ipods it happen to meh so ya any questions call meh 5613537747