agamesApple has started recruiting (via AppleInsider) a game developer with 3-4 years of game development experience and has shipped at least one AAA title. They specify the candidate needs to be a "passionate gamer" and will be working on "interactive multimedia experiences" on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Of course, we take "interactive multimedia experiences" to mean games. So, why is Apple hiring an in-house game developer? While Apple did release their own Texas Hold'em game on day 1 of the App Store, they seem to have been happy to let 3rd party developers take the lead since.

Apple does seem to be taking games more seriously, and has even recently hired Graeme Devine a prominent game developer who had major roles in Doom 3 and Halo Wars. The iPod Touch's success has been tied directly to Apple's push of it as a gaming device. The success has attracted a number of developers and has even convinced id Software to wind down their traditional BREW/JAVA mobile games to focus their entire mobile efforts only on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • Kahdmus

    If they were really serious perhaps they would get Ravensword approved!

  • Brandon

    one word: TABLET

    • Adams Immersive

      Most of my computer gaming is now done on my phone—but sitting at home! I never would have imagined such a trend.

      I might not carry a tablet around much, but it could be great for this new kind of gaming I seem to be doing so much of. Games would be the killer app for me. I have a laptop already, but touchscreen gaming with a bigger screen and more speed would be awesome.

  • Yourofl10

    Hmmm...sounds interesting.

  • DeShaunz

    I just want Apple to make a strictly gaming device! I hope that's what the tablet is, like Adam said.

    • Monica Dickey

      I know Apple will never make a strictly gaming device, at least not for a long time if they do... But the way tablet rumors are shaping up I foresee it being a pretty cool gaming platform nonetheless!

    • TKO

      Yeah.. I don't see them ever making a gaming-only device either. Why do that? The second you do you're competing direcly with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony ..and they have that market pretty well sewn up for now.

      Sounds like Apple's focus right now is on multi-capability devices. Only at the low end of the iPod range do you touch a single-taking unit - and that's probably just because of the lack of a screen. Certainly any tablet is going to be more of a ultra mobile PC / eReader / internet tablet ..and probably more I haven't thought of.

  • mek

    just reading the article post on about the tablet.. one instant sell for me, even if it was $700 would be if it could take all the iphone/ipod touch games and apps, and run them. ...if it had double the screen, i wonder if it could enlarge the current screen size without pixelating it, and would all the current apps run smoothly

    I know it is all rumors as of yet, but i haven't been excited for a speculated apple product since the launch of the first gen iphone...only a couple of months till the January Show..., even if they just put a mic/speaker and a camera in the 4th gen touch that would make me happy.....I don't need a phone..but that may not be until Sept '10

  • Loner

    The iTablet would be hard to sell to the masses as a portable video game device.

    • Matt

      It would be sold as a notebook computer / ebook reader (and kindle killer), that you can also prop in a speaker dock and watch video on, or play games, type with an external or touchscreen keyboard etc...

  • Champagne01

    Do you think this means that Apple might finally work something out for keeping game save information when apps are deleted from the phone...?

    • TKO

      That would be nice .. heck, even if it's just an advanced option hidden away in iTunes that could let me back up the one or two that really need it. Coz when you really need it, man it suck not to have it.

  • spiffyone

    You guys are thinking in the wrong direction.

    This isn't about the tablet.

    This is about AppleTV.

    You can quote me on this.

    The "hobby" was simply a testing ground. Sony and MS are treading into Apple territory by offering on their game consoles (PS3 and XBox 360, respectively) what Apple earmarks AppleTV towards: digital downloads of entertainment content. Apple has noticed XBL and PSN, noticed Netflix on both, noticed Sony and MS offering music downloads (with MS even tying in the Zune Marketplace to XBL). Apple's noticed these things, and knows that AppleTV can be a whole lot better than it is. One way to do that, upon releasing new hardware (with 1080p support, btw) is to simply open up an SDK as they did with iPhone/touch and let the devs have at it.

    Again, I don't think this has anything to do with the tablet. I think all signs point to an eventual hardware upgrade for AppleTV that will also have with it a tremendous software upgrade in the form of an open SDK and App Store ala iPhone/touch.