300px-A_new_hope_4Those waiting for a more proper Star Wars themed game may be in luck with this upcoming Star Wars: Trench Run for the iPhone. THQ Wireless gave us a heads up on this preview video which shows a game built around a famous scene from the original Star Wars movie.

Use the Force to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire as they attempt to destroy the small Rebel base on Yavins jungle moon.

As part of the Rebel Alliances Red Squadron you dogfight with TIE Fighters above the Death Stars surface before heading into a trench where you are inundated by cannon fire. Dodge obstacles, and stay out of Darth Vaders sights as he tries to gun you down before you have the chance to fire your proton torpedoes into a thermal exhaust port the size of a womp rat. If successful, a direct hit will cause a chain reaction that destroys the Death Star, thus saving the Rebel base from impending doom.

Remember, only a precise hit will start a chain reaction. That's impossible you say? Even for a computer? Bah.... I used to bullseye womp rats with my T-16 back home...

  • Eric

    Great, half of one level from GameCube's Rogue Leader. So sad they can't put some real beef behind that flash.

    • Adams Immersive

      Let's wait and see, though: as long as they opt to make it cost less than the Nintendo game, it could be a smaller game yet still fun and worthy. (It might even have better controls: GameCube lacked analog control IIRC, which iPhone can do in multiple ways. Analog steering is nice for anything airborne.)

      • Eric

        Rogue Leader for Gamecube -- $7.99 (Gamestop)
        Now that is money well spent, probably Gamecube\'s best game behind RE4

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        The feeling of flight was mostly missing in those games (unlike PC's unmatched X-Wing) but I did enjoy them immensely.

        History lesson:
        Gamecube controllers have analog sticks (two). It even has analog triggers... in fact, its predecessor, N64 introduced analog control sticks to consoles.

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

        Oh, and the game had analog _control_ as well. It was just clunky as most arcade flight games are. X-Wing on the PC was a true flight simulator (space flight) and it was blissful in its day. πŸ˜›

      • spiffyone

        Actually Aaron...N64 did not introduce analog sticks to consoles.

        Atari 5200 did. N64 did, however, have the first analog THUMBstick.

      • DaDosDude

        Aaron Sullivan says:
        October 22, 2009 at 1:54 pm

        History lesson:
        Gamecube controllers have analog sticks (two). It even has analog triggers… in fact, its predecessor, N64 introduced analog control sticks to consoles.

        Did you forget about the PSX? And even before that, Analog sticks have been used many times before (Like the Atari 5200) And also the N64 controller has an analog-like stick wich is actually a Digital stick with analog use (in a very good way though).

      • Shinobi

        The C64 used analog joysticks too.

      • TKO

        *sigh* Time to be pedantic and correct you peeps. :p

        Analogue controllers have been out a long time .. but, respect to the early 3d consoles: The PSX was released before the N64, but at the time only had a *digital* controller (which was kinda limiting for 3d environments.) The N64 came out a year and a half later with the analogue stick, and a year after *that* Sony came out with the Dual Analogue controller.

        Sony announced the Dual Analogue controller more than 6 months before the N64 was released but it took a while for them to release it. ..maybe while they sorted out some games to take advantage of it? I dunno what the reason was.

        There. Got that off my chest. πŸ™‚

      • TKO_Killa

        Analogue is the old standard first used in the Atari 2600 gaming console.


  • thewiirocks

    Looks like a modern remake of the classic Star Wars Arcade Game. Obviously with much nicer graphics. (Love the greebling detail!) πŸ˜€

    What's with the name? "Trench Run"... that's seriously the best they could come up with? How about "Death Star Assault" or "Rebel Attack". [i]Something[i] a little more catchy.

    • Artfoundry

      Yes! I was thinking the same thing - looks just like an updated version of that old star wars vector graphics game - I used to love that game! I am so buying this when it comes out.

      And yeah, Trench Run is a bit silly.

    • Rustyjaw

      The Star Wars game was my most favorite arcade game. When I was 15 years old, I practically dedicated my life to that game. I once played for 8 hours on a single quarter (it was the sit-down version). A couple friends brought me food while I played...I finally stopped because I was too sore...and for other obvious reasons πŸ™‚

    • Blades

      I agree, not the best name that is for sure. However neither was Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones. Couldn't of just called it Clone Wars, nope had to be Attack of the Clones. Lame....


  • Fix

    Super sweet! X-wing shooter always welkom!

  • Sticktron

    This looks like that Coleco Vision game but with modern graphics.
    A step down, not up, it seems.

  • Andrew

    If only someone released an iPhone version of the wireframe arcade cabinet game...

    *showing his age*

    • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

      That would be sweet -- can't tell you how many quarters I put into that machine.

      • Lions

        yeah, I remember that old arcade game. I spent every quarter I could get on it. Man, still love those simple vector line graphics.

        If this ends up being a modern version of that game, this will be an instant buy for me.

    • Lazrhog

      whats unfortunate is that would be soooo easy to do too ....

    • spiffyone

      Only reason to own a 32x (Sega Genesis/MegaDrive add on) was because it had a killer port of that Star Wars arcade game.

    • br1an

      Agreed. Vector SW, please.

    • Ed

      One more vote for the vector graphics arcade version of Star Wars. The first time I played it was in "Atari Arcade" at the Disneyland Hotel while on vacation in 1982. Every evening my brother and I would walk over there and play the game. It was the coolest game I had ever seen and I ended up writing my own version on my C64 that used sprites and therefore was no where near as cool.

  • http://twitter.com/Jensen_G Jensen

    Oh yeah, hopefully this will be good! Also hope that someday they do the impossible and port the original X-Wing for Mac and PC over to iPhone, as I spent days playing that game as a kid.

    • Bobby

      Great shot, Jensen!

      (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

      Yeah the XWing series is one of my all time favorites. Except - days? I spent months playing it in college. Over and over.

      I will be buying this the day it hits the app store. So what if its just the death star battle? Just like the original arcade cabinet, and I used to love plopping quarters in that thing.

      It had a space battle AND a trench run - its like two games in one. πŸ™‚ Three if you count the surface battle.

      • http://twitter.com/Jensen_G Jensen

        Days, as in 24 hours at a time πŸ˜‰

      • Jason


        (sorry, couldn't resist πŸ˜‰ )

  • http://www.cavanaughphotocom Ken

    I'm a sucker for Star Wars games. It's definitely reminiscent of the vector graphics arcade game, (I dropped a lot quarters in that machine). Just like any other Star Wars product, I just hope it lives up to the hype.

  • RM

    Tie fighter was my favorite PC game ever. I would love to see that ported to the iPhone.

    • Brian

      This, this, a thousand times this.

    • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

      But... controls?

  • currymutton

    Wait, I think I have ordered Super Star Wars, not Trench Run, please.

    Looks like 2 mission of the original X-Wing merged into run, except there is a TIE Fighter, pov...

  • http://www.yourpersonalrobot.com your personal robot

    I bet, we see all the content of the game in the video - ergo, cheap minigame.
    And I really can't stand the cheap explosions! The iPhone can do a lot better.
    As a huge fan of the star wars universe, I hope.... But.... No....

    • http://twitter.com/Jensen_G Jensen

      Agreed on the explosions. Hopefully these will get beefed up before final release.

  • acidbottle

    nooooo! what are they thinking?!

    theyve taken one level from the original arcade cab and beefed up the sound fx and visuals, why not port the whole arcade game with beefed up presentation? πŸ™

    what a missed opportunity this is .. damn it

    • http://www.monicadickey.com Monica Dickey

      That's what DLC is for! You know Lucas knows how to milk the star wars franchise! And I can't blame him, I'll be the first to buy a hoth missions pack and bola some at ats haha

  • John

    demo reel for the same game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JuZ8ftDQso

  • OpieWan

    Looks pretty good even tho it looks like a remake of the old x-wing game. Anyways it good that another starwars game is coming out for the Iphone besides TFU. Have they posted when its suppose to be released ?

  • Jas

    X-Wing vs Tie Fighter! Just port over the old PC game with online and local multiplayer please someone πŸ™‚

    It would be THE killer app for the iPhone.

    • Blades

      Oh hell yea!!

      The original X-wing on the PC I played to death on my old 386DX 8Meg ram PC. Then Tie Fighter came out and I was lovin it.

      But yet X-wing Vs Tie, while it was kind of a sucky single player game(the expansion made it a little bit better) it was still created with Multi in mind. Unfortunately it was released during a time when 33.6 modems were the standard and 56k was on the horizon. Not many people had LAN at there house so the game did "OK" but not as well as the others. X-wing Alliance was pretty fun though for a Single Player game.

  • arn

    what's interesting is it seems like you can play as an X-wing or a Tie Fighter, based on the clips shown.


    • Pheebau

      Good point - looks awesome - definitely going to get it.

    • imadqamar

      I think the tie-fighter pov was of vader's tie-fighter.. and you have to move your x-wing to avoid a "target lock"

      • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan


      • temiman

        I hope it's like x-wing vs. tie fighter and not like the olde arcade..
        As everybody + dog said, an x-wing series multiplier on the iphone will make my day for a long time.

  • Brinkman

    reminds me of Rebel Assault.

    • Mister Mumbles

      That's also the first game that came to my mind while I was watching the video. You know I really wouldn't mind seeing a port of either Rebel Assault 1 or 2. I'd think that should be fairly easy to do and they could play quite well.

  • http://www.myspace.com/elijahdoom Eli Mcfly

    Will anybody ask THQ when Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is coming to the Iphone?

  • spiffyone

    BTW...anyone notice how the same damn sequence is in just about every Star Wars video game? Or how similar sequences are in other non-Star Wars games?

    What is it about this that never gets old? I mean, really, I never, ever, ever tire of playing the "blow up the Death Star" run.

  • birdman

    This looks like a good start, but they should make this into a series. They should either make a bigger game with several levels and playable vehicles, or make a series of smaller games that each have a different battle from the movies (battle of Hoth, battle of Endor, maybe even an asteroid field chase)

  • awp69

    I loved the old vector Star Wars arcade game growing up and hope this is a beefed up remake of that game. I bought one of the Rogue Leader games for GC (can't remember which one has it as a bonus) just for the vector game. Not as fun as I remembered it as a child, but still brings back memories. Any re-make of it would probably have me in heaven. Can't wait for it to come out (wish there was an ETA in the article).

  • Jon

    This is going to be an instant buy for me. Anything that uses the accelerometer controls is fun. Wish they could port more games from the Star Wars universe to the iPhone.

  • http://www.jindofox.com Jindo Fox

    Looking forward to this, and like others, it's an instant buy. A remake of the 1983 Atari vector coin-op would be nice but this, with something old AND something new, is better. The loose analog of the iPhone controls will be much better than the short-throw thumbstick on the N64 and Gamecube.

    BTW if you guys really want the old Atari coin-op games, they're an easter egg hidden in Rebel Strike on Gamecube.

    A multiplayer dogfight game in space would be a true Wookiee goodbye, can someone do it?

  • http://www.jindofox.com Jindo Fox

    $4.99 price confirmed by LucasArts Games.


  • Brrrt

    This looks good, $4 at MOST tho. The old wireframe star wars game, I'd shell 10$ without thought for that. Like some of you, I have prolly dropped a smart car's with of quarters in the wf star wars and would LOVE to have it on the iPhone. Paging Mr. Lucas.....

    • TKO_Killa

      You can play the aracde wireframe star wars game on the iphone using the mame emulator.

      free πŸ˜‰

  • http://www.buzzbox.eu/index.aspx sjleworthy

    for me it's a no brainer. It's a StarWars thing, so it must be cool πŸ™‚

    (perhaps it's my generation/age or my lack of gaming interest) πŸ˜›

  • http://www.onemoretap.com XCool

    Reason #1138 why this game is still MIA...