516531Glu Mobile's latest release Super K.O. Boxing 2 is a terrific new game that is as intense as it is fun. With its vibrantly colored cartoon animations, Super K.O. Boxing 2 delivers the heavy hitting gameplay that many have been waiting for.

The objective is to win the title belt, but don’t let the cartoon visuals fool you. This is both an exercise in entertainment and futility as you take on 12 unique and eccentric boxers on your climb up the heavyweight ladder. As the K.O. Kid, you’ll need to conquer and win your way through each of the 3 circuits. Win every bout in a circuit to earn a belt and unlock the next circuit to take on a new cast of characters.

Super K.O. Boxing 2 has 3 modes play: Circuit is the story mode where you face the most fearsome and crazy boxers on your way to the world title. Versus mode consists of fights with previously defeated boxers. Finally, Challenge mode unlocks after winning your first circuit and presents specific objectives for winning a bout. Circuit mode is where you will spend most of your time, and you’ll need to show progress here before the other modes are unlocked. Each fight lasts 3 rounds each 3 minutes in length. Aside from the funny physical appearance of the boxers, each has unique attributes and powers that make them formidable opponents.

For example, 15 Cent is a bling-wearing, high strung boxer who can disorient you with his smile, while Chief will counterpunch you relentlessly every time you take a swing. I can’t overstate the humor in Super K.O. Boxing 2. From the strange poses and dances of opponents to the funny text dialogue exchanged between opponents in between rounds, Glu Mobile has done a solid job.


Super K.O. Boxing 2 also seems to get the controls right with two basic control options — Touch Pad and Touch Regions. Unfortunately, in-game documentation is practically non-existant so it may require some trial, error and frustration to get comfortable. Using the touch pad, throwing punches consists of tapping dual buttons to throw left/right punches. Meanwhile, touch regions allows you to tap specific parts on your opponent to throw the corresponding punch. One small hitch with touch regions is that your finger will block part of the screen which can hinder the ability to block and dodge punches in some cases.

The different types of punches that can be thrown are nicely incorporated so it becomes second nature for the player. Body shots, upper cuts and combinations are all possible in this game and require timing and practice. Most notably, hooks can be thrown through a combination of dodging and swinging at an opponent’s head.

In addition, you have other weapons at your fingertips. Part of your task will be avoiding and dodging punches. The more you’re able to dodge punches and land your own will charge up your Super Punch Energy. This is tracked in the bottom right corner, and once fully charged, you can throw a Mega Punch that will floor your opponent if landed properly. Of course, you don’t need to wait until it’s full charged to use it… it just won’t be as strong. Both you and your opponent have the ability to taunt each other, and this will also build up Super Punch Energy. Of course, you’re more vulnerable in the middle of a taunt.

The gameplay is fast paced and intense, and the AI is well balanced. Both K.O. Kid and the opponent have health gauges that recharge slightly after a knockdown. The initial fights with Big Gip and 15 Cent are relatively easy, but they ratchet up significantly as opposing boxers become adept at dodging, blocking and more importantly, going on the offensive. Challenge mode is even more difficult since you’ll be limited in what you can do within a short period of time. For example, one challenge involves knocking out an opponent in one round without using Dizzying Combos and avoids being hit even once to win. The game can also be frustrating because often after you’ve knocked down an opponent, they get up with a fully charged health gauge. This is where you will either persevere or get pummeled.

All in all, Super K.O. Boxing 2 combines great cartoon visuals with some intense gameplay. I would say that the attitude and personality the devs infused into the game shine though. This is one of those games that delivers the thrill of victory with the agony of defeat all in one well-designed package.

App Store Link: Super KO Boxing 2, $4.99

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  • master lee

    awesome game

    must buy 4 me DL now..................lol

  • Freeway82

    Nice Review, terrific game.

  • Barry Ward

    Damn- can't get past 15 Cent! And it keeps telling me how to hook, even though I keep doing it!! That's annoying! Other than that- great game.

  • http://www.marlenblanco@ymail.com sakura


  • Sticktron

    Enthusiastic review! Sounds like we have a pro quality spiritual successor to Punch Out.

    • aj



      • Psyren

        block all his punches except for his big right hook dodge that and attack back. when he does his hook combo block all of them then he get tried and attack!

      • yohanes

        i can tell you his weak spot, just taunt when the time is right and give him a low punch to his stomach

  • jon

    Looks like a nice punch out clone. It also looks like more fun than Touch KO, which (while it has (had?) a lot of potential) was very disappointing. I'll give this game a go when I have some free time.

  • meerako

    15 cent is a bad ass!

  • Harv

    aw man. looks like the playability is great.. but i REALLY don't like the character designs/ concepts. these are cheap throwaway ideas, really. i mean, the art is good, but the ideas lack any real personality or charm, unlike those in the original punch out, who were filled with character and subtlety. that is what is lacking here really, subtlety.

    i guess character design with soul is an art few have mastered. ....

    • GlassJoe

      The Punch-out characters were simply a menagerie of stereotypes.

    • arta

      ... oh shut up, will you?

      • jon

        No, he has a point. This characters weren't subtle in anyway. They were 1 dimensional. I have no idea where the idea that they had soul come from— except that they might carry with them some sense of nostalgia for some people. But any decent game can do that given enough time.

    • Javier

      How do you KO 15 CENT ???
      I always Lightning KO him but it doesn't seem to count for the achievements and it's my last one. This is driving me nuts.

  • Ceto

    That was really bad, other than that a very good game.

  • GreyDawn

    Does the KO stand for 'knock-off'?

    • http://www.twitchfactor.com Twitchfactor


      Why are people so lame? I can't wait till interweb sniping/trolling gets out of vogue, so we can get back to semi-intelligent comments.

      Game looks AWESOME! And for less than the cost of your average lunch!

      • Chad

        Says the lame person who uses a tired and irrelevant comment comparing the price of a game to something that isn't a game

      • GreyDawn

        Lol. How is my statement trolling? It is a fun way of making the obviously valid point that this looks like it is trying to clone Punch Out in almost every sense.

      • http://www.stormchild.net Stormchild

        If you need to cry about it, call your mom and complain that someone's expressing their opinion on the Internet.

    • Mystic

      And I say, WHO CARES GrayDawn! Do you think everyone is too stupid to see it's a clone and you must point it out? I take it you're the type of person who is loyal to name brands. Now THAT'S lame!

      • GreyDawn

        Ok, why do those like you and Stormchild feel so much hostility? I am lighthearted, you guys are RAWR.

    • app critic extraordinaire

      you want subtlety in games??? well ok..well im sure theres plenty of subtle "push the blocks around" games on the app store made just for you. I think the vast majority of people would say subtlety is lame..that game looks great! and im going to buy it right now because its NOT SUBTLE 😛

      • jon

        I don't think you understand the word subtle.

    • GreyDawn

      Stormchild, you're the one crying. I was just making a joke. Some of you guys need to take some major chill-pills.

  • jag64

    "chief" is a real pain! how can i defeat him???? the game is just gr8!!!

    • TheGromin

      Spoilers for beating the chief:



      Round 1:

      You need to wait for him to attack then dodge right then dodge left. That will put Chief into a stun animation. Punch him in the face.

      The more damage you do to chief you have to dodge more and more times. Just keep dodging right and left to the rhythm of his punches and lay him out once you see his shock animation.

      After knocking him down once, you'll need to taunt him (touch the KO Kid) to make him start his punch animation. Then it's back to the dodge right and left until you see the shock animation. Fortunately you gain Super Punch power for taunting and you can blast him with some good punches to make the 2nd and 3rd knockdown go quicker.

      Now if only I know how to be the zombie guy...

      • Chad

        That actually sounds really boring. Can you counter punch in this game like you can in Super Punch Out!! That game had knockouts in under 13secs for EVERY fighter if you were a master with the strategy. But if you can't counter punch in this game I'm not going to bother.

      • The Gromin

        There are strats for getting dizzies which can allow you to really own up on the opponents. Maybe not 13 seconds but pretty fast. Trust me, once you get about halfway in, you are going to be losing a lot until you get enough skill to time things right. And that's coming from a guy who was able to beat Rick Bruiser in about 50 seconds on Super Punch Out.

        I'm enjoying it thoroughly!

  • cookiemonster

    instantly one of my favorite games on the app store!

  • Rev

    I just passed 15 cent - so far the game is great, but too easy. Hope it will get harder soon.

    • Macnic

      have you beat voo dude yet? i get close but dang he's hard

  • Harv

    the characters look like they would be used to advertise some kind of "EXTREEEEM CANDY!!!!" range. or icypoles or something. SUGGGGGAAARRRR!!! visualise them on cardboard cutouts in a 7eleven and you'll see what i mean. seriously, this is cheap design i tells ya. nice finish, but lame as concepts.

    i think it's a shame because the game play looks very good. i just can't look at those dumb characters, so i can't buy the game even if i am in need of a good toon boxing game.

    : (

  • Shift

    Good game in general but difficulty curve needs refining. Up to chief is pointlessly easy then chief is a considerable amount harder.

  • Tito

    Does anyone know how to beat el diablo the second time? i can't figure out how to put him down. does anyone know of a site for the strats for each fighter? Thanks in advance.

  • Private

    to beat el diablo you have to dodge untill your super punch will be maximuma and then just press it and wait untill he will be shaking then screen will flash and then reliase

  • Crypton

    El diablo blocks all my super punches...even the fully charged ones...When do you super punch him?

    I hold down the * button yet he blocks all my fully fully charged cuper punches...

    • alberto

      You Have To Charge Your Level 3 Super All
      The Way.

  • NERO

    Can somebody help me, im struggling to knock king tub out, he just keeps refilling his life bar neer the end with a bit of health!

    • zach

      you have to wait untill he gets dizzy to knock him down

      • Chris

        I am in the face that he becomes dizzy but he keepsrefilling his lifecan u tell how to K.O him pls?

      • julian

        when dizzy, you need to punch him whenever the stars appear... if in the head, then in the head... if it appears in the stommach, then punch him there. If 3 stars appears, u have to throw a superpunch.

  • david

    how to beat the cage man in super knock out 2?

  • david

    I'm struggling to knock the cave man he is so strong can't cacth him with my punches,

  • david

    Can anyone tell me how to fight Shogun I,m struggling. Thanks.

    • Yong

      You are only able to get him when in the dark... His punches will glow in the dark... When he raise his hand, dodge him towards that side... Dodge everything till he come to a state when you can are able to see him when his face flickers... Punch him at that point and continue till you see the final impact... Continue that way till he KO

  • Michael

    To defeat Shogun all u simply do david is when he does his little combo when his gloves glow and he starts punching you, you simply dodge them, then when he stops punching you while his gloves are still glowing and u can see his face from the glowing light on his gloves thats when you punch him

  • KaKaPooPooPeePeePants

    I love this game! Awesome graphics, great game play, all around bad ass. My only problem is beating 15 Cent. What are you supose to do when he does that super move? I get close to getting a TKO in the first round but I'm always a couple seconds too late. Please help, I'm sick of getting bitch slapped by 15 Cent.

  • Angel

    does anyone know how to defeat grogul

  • Kaze

    To de feat grogul u have to block his punch first then wait 4 his straight hook just dodge lt and rt if he start with right hook it will be single hook, if he start with lt hook it will be double hook. Dodve the hook wait for him to raise his hand and punch him. If u defeat him for second time he will grow big, u cant defeat him, all u have todo is block 2 time for x punch and then dodge lt and rt. He will die by himself for a while u have to wait and survive at that time

  • Bob

    DANG!!! I can't beat cheif!!!

  • BruinBrian

    Loving this game...hard. Trying to beat Voo Dude. Please help!

  • Fan

    This game is great, finished it. Doing the challenges and also replaying the opponents in versus mode. First 2 belts have completed with lightning KOs and done all 2 belts of challenges too.

  • gaston808

    how do u defeat el diablo? i tried everything, i can dodge all his attack, but cant know him down, his life is increasing when he is about to knock down, help please.

  • gaston808

    to defeat king tub, just make him dizzy, then punch him 2 stomach, 2 head, 1 stomach, 1 head, 1 stomach again, 1 head again. then he's down.

  • bombay8008

    how do u defeat tha shogun? I cant hit him after he starts glowing.

  • http://bluestadium.forumotion.com Mario94

    Tha Shogun's light mode attacks will consist of either three hooks (one hook, a slight delay, then two quick hooks) or a jab followed by a hook. Block the first punch to tell the attack, then dodge accordingly. If it's the hooks, then you can block them, but if it's the other attack, you have to dodge the hook. When he turns out the lights, he'll throw a right, left, and right without breaking like the first fight. Dodge all three punches to get him to flash his face, then throw a hook from the opposite side of his face. If you didn't get hit, then you win by lightning KO. If not, then you have to TKO him to win in round 1. His attacks only change after two knockdowns. In dark mode, he'll switch to double uppercuts, which you can dodge to either side, followed by a left hook, which you dodge to your right, then a quick right, dodging to your left to avoid. He'll show his face, then you give him the proper hook and combo until he falls for the third time for TKO.

    To all SKOB 2 players, the game has been updated. You now have a new Exhibition mode with a new opponent: Baby Face, record of 20-10 (5 KO). And I have the winning strategy. The key is that you have two different sets of attacks, and the tell between which set to avoid is in the pacifier. He always starts with the pacifier, so when he pounds his fists together, wait a moment, then dodge the double-hammer punch. Wait another split-second, then jab-combo. Don't ever throw a punch to his face or he'll block, then hug you and make you lose health until you shake your iPod/iPhone enough to break free. When he loses the pacifier, then he throws a right hook. Block it, then wait for him to drool before throwing the combo. After one knockdown, his pacified attacks remain the same, but he adds on to when he doesn't have it. He throws a left hook, then a right hook, then a left jab. Block the hooks and then dodge or block the jab, wait for him to drool, then combo. After two knockdowns, his open-mouth attacks change. He throws a jab, two hooks, and a jab. Again, wait for him to drool before you punch. If done right, you should be able to TKO in the first round.

    • http://bluestadium.forumotion.com Mario94

      P.S. After 2 knockdowns, Baby Face throws in a spinning attack. Block every punch; press and hold the block button immediately after he breaks it. If you get hit once, then you'll take every punch from then until the attack ends and his face turns green. And no matter what, BF usually sticks to one combo for four or five attacks.

  • http://bluestadium.forumotion.com Mario94

    Gaston, to knock down El Diablo, you must build your super meter to x3. When you do, wait for an opening, hit him once, then hold down the super button. El Diablo will cringe in fear, but you must wait until the screen flashes white, then release. If he hasn't built up too much health, he'll go down. Repeat until you get a TKO.

  • Wille

    I can't win over GroGull or what his name is! His so annoying! I know that i will punch him when he is taunting but then he drinks the epic walter and turn in to a purple monster! How the crap can i win over him?! Please someone help me and response how to win over him!

    • josh

      ı have the same problem use a super puch before he drınks the juıce ı thınk that mıght stop hım but other than that yeah.. hes overpowered

  • Sam

    Can someone tell me how to beat bigger gip? I've tried like a hundred times haha

  • Acidburn

    To defeat el diablo super him with 3x power during your combo, not before or after. For those who have difficulty, refer to the strategy guide preferably the challenge mode guide. I have finished this game including challenge mode and endurance and exhibition and almost got all achievements except for a couple of things, dizzy baby face and dodge 15pence tiger attack. Any idea on how? Please help. If u need help on some items, feel free to ask me.

  • Rauch71

    I've finished endurance mode and done everything but on achievements I CANNOT figure out how to dizzy Baby Face or KO 15 pence. I can TKO both of them and go two rounds dodging/finishing every combo on Baby Face and 15 pence but have tried to no avail.

    Acidburn, just blocking will dodge 15 pence's tiger attack.

    • Jesse

      Land a level 3 super on baby face to dizzy him:) Also, knock down 15 pence early in the first round with the second hit of your level 3 to ko him.

  • Puncher

    Does someone know how to beat "Ha Rak ûrban" in the seconde circuit?
    I'm stuck!! (Awesome game btw)


  • Fat Alex

    How in the damn do you beat Voo Dude?

  • Jose

    Anyone defeated the new C.M.0083 character yet?how about its achievements?

    how can i KO EL DIABLO if im not allowed to use the super punch in challenge mode? Anyone? ACIDBURN? Plus how can i hit him 10 times in a row?

    And finally...im not able to TKO VooDude

  • Chris

    I figured out most of the exhibition fights/achievements except how to dizzy baby face and cm0083's weak spot! anyone want to help me out?

    15 pence: to KO him, build up the 3x super punch and after knocking him down once normal, wait until he does one of his combos, punch once to faze him, and then use super 3x punch. usually (not always) he will have 10 stars and wont get back up.

    CM0083: his attacks are pretty easy to defend. he only has four- when his gloves flash dodge one way and then the opposite quick after to dodge. second is a two punch combo, i just keep guard up and then dodge opposite. when all gloves flash just keep dodging until he stops. finally his teleporting thing, just wait until he picks a side and then dodge the same side he is standing. To beat him in round one you just have to be fast sorry, it took me about 10 tries to do it and i had 6 sec left in round one when i did.

  • Chris

    p.s. to jose,
    to win the el diablo challenge, get him down to where the screen flashes and he starts recovering. When he is in this phase, taunt. he will shake his gloves and punch twice. after dodging you can punch up to around 10 (for the achievement) times which is fast enough to beat his recovery speed. you kinda have to be perfect though

  • Brock

    Can not beat that ga ruk guy how do I do it

  • Johnny

    So how do you beat 15 pence? I always lose by decision even if I haven't been knocked down once and I've knocked him out several times...

    • Jose

      So TKO him you must be very quick in dogging and throwing the hook punch, after that you can do some damage by going for the stomach or the face with 3 to 4 hits.
      This must be done right after he goes to the side to throw his version of the hook punch or when he is done slapping you (dodge those, they come in a secuence when you sometimes have to wait half a sec before dogging the 2nd or 3rd punch). If you are fast enough you will be able to TKO him in the 1st or 2nd round.

      For the KO as Chris says:
      "build up the 3x super punch and after knocking him down once normal, wait until he does one of his combos, punch once to faze him, and then use super 3x punch. usually (not always) he will have 10 stars and wont get back up"

  • Boxman

    CM 0083's weak spot is when you see all four of his gloves flash hit him in the stomach for a quick knockdown!

  • Chris

    okay so I've pretty much done everything there is to do in this game (achievements, challenges, exhibition, lightning kos) except lightning ko ka rak ur bones (which i dont even think is possible?)...so if you have questions, i have answers =]

    • http://www.cuk.ch/articles/4391 guillome

      Hi Chris,

      I also made a lot on Super KO.

      I give you the hint to lightning KO Ka Rak Ur Bones :

      - Do all your attacks on Ka-Rak's face until it got its face at the maximum of damage (it means you must mostly do all your attacks on its face and if he protects it, just do a small punch in his stomack then attack his face)

      - Use a super punch to knockdown him twice. The second time you knockdown him AND he has his face with maximum damage AND you never heve been knocked down AND more than 50% of your health remains SO you will get the Lightning KO 😉

      But I have a question for you : How do you do to lightning KO executioner with 100% chance to do it?

      I mean, when i try to lighning ko executioner, at a moment, he will do a center attack with his punch that i cannot dodge. If I have the chance that he never do center attack (just show his muscles or light effect on his punch before attack), I lightning ko him. But, if not, I cannot.

      So, I lightning Ko executioner by chance (if no sudden center attack). Is there a trick to avoid this? I noticed if I attack him fast and i use my super punch as soon as I have it, it reduce the probability to have a center attack but not avoid completely the risk...

      Any tips?

      Also, to avoir the spinning attack of baby face, do you have a tip? I press block button until it breaks, then i press it again quickly... but usually, after 3 blocks I fail to block the remaining attack.

      Is it only because I am not enough fast?
      Anys tips?

      I wrote a lot on this game here : http://www.cuk.ch/articles/4391 but it is in French (google translation can help you).

      Also, even if it is not complete in explanation, glu have published recently many tips :
      * All Lightning KO : http://www.glu.com/blog/super-ko-boxing-2-strategy-guide-lightning-kos
      * All challenge : http://games.glu.com/blog/super-ko-boxing-2-strategy-guide-challenge-mode
      * All circuit strategy : http://games.glu.com/blog/super-ko-boxing-2-strategy-guide

    • Tomas

      Can u help me with grogul? I can't get past him. Thx

  • Jose

    Chris how can I:
    - Dizzy Baby Face?

    • Chris

      thanks for the help on lightning ko karak...

      lightning ko executioner: guillom, like the glu guide says you just have to knock him down twice without getting hit. The only undodgeable attack he has is the one he does if you taunt, so im guessing that's what youre talking about. just don't taunt, you don't need super punch to lightning ko him. keep guard up the whole time and learn his attacks so you can dodge them...if you give me more help understanding on what attack exactly you are having trouble dodging i can give you better tips =]

      Baby face spin attack: yeah sorry you just kinda have to be fast and time it right, and when you see his face turn green hold block.

      Dizzy Baby Face: Power up 3x super punch and dodge and attack and unleash it or wait for him to cry to unleash. Also, in case you wondering, dizzy combo is something like 3 face, 3 body, 2 face, 2 body, 1 face, 1 body, 2 left hook, 2 right hook, super punch or something very similar, dont quite remember...

      TKO VooDude: This one is annoying for sure.. With luck and speed you can do it in the first round like if waits until 9-10 stars to get up after second knock down since knocking him down for the third time is the hard part. You just have to dodge his attacks, hit in the body to get a chain of punches in otherwise he will just block and then prepare to dodge right after.. taunt as much as you can to build super punch which definitely makes things easier. Easier way.. get him down to very low health and let the round end and then knock him down in the beginning of the next round very fast.. hope this helps.

      • guillôme

        Hi Chris,

        About Executioner, the attack I cannot avoid is the center attack. He has three attacks :
        1- A punch with a glitch => ok, no problem
        2- Show his muscle before attack => ok no problem
        3- Suddenly, he does a back movement and do a punch in the center of the screen => Big problem for me

        I know the attack 3, normally I should dodge it but I never success to do it because it is so unexpected this kind of attack that I don't have time to dodge.

        Is there a hint to anticipate the attack 3?

        Only way is to be very very fast (please don't say yes)?


      • Chris

        Just keep block up...thats what i do

      • http://www.cuk.ch/articles/4391 guillome

        Shame on me!

        In fact, I though it was not good for LKO if I blocked the center attack because when you do that you loose a little bit of energy and I deducted if i loose energy it will be consider I have been touch!

        So, i never tried to do a LKO with my energy under 100% by blocking the center attack.

        Following your reply, I tried and it works great! I did LKO in versus and LKO in challenge mode versus executioner! So easy when you are allowed to block attack 😀

        Thanks, I finished all the game except the spinning attack of Baby face that i don't success yet to block...

  • Jose

    How do I LKO:
    - El Diablo?
    - Bigger GIP?
    - Dynavolt?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Jose


      • Brian

        El Diablo LKO:

        Glu guide: "In the first round, you cannot be hit or have punches blocked, and you must knock him down twice."

        The key is to stop punching as soon as the combo ends with stars. Also, make sure you hit him every time he exposes his face with a hook punch. Always taunt after each combo ends, and then hit with the super after landing just one punch on him. Do this without getting hit and you'll be able to get the LKO.

        Bigger Gip LKO:

        Block or dodge all punches, and only hit him in the stomach. Knock him down twice without getting hit and you'll get the LKO. You can't use any supers or any face punches.

        Dynavolt LKO:

        From Glu Guide: "Knock him down without missing any punches and without getting hit. You must also have a full super meter when you knock him down."

        Here's what I do. After dodging his punches and his head shakes, just punch twice. He often will dodge a third punch, which makes a LKO impossible. Always taunt after landing the second punch. Use two supers early in the round, then just build up 3x super, but don't use it. Keep dodging and punching only twice until he's down and you'll get the LKO.

  • brendan

    to block 15 pence tiger attack. you just have to hold block when he calls the tiger.

  • Digz

    How do I beat voo dude?

  • gilagilabombasticboy

    can somebody tell me how to beat shogun(the character that punch in the dark) in the second title?

  • adam

    Ha-Rak Ubones....How

  • adam

    nvr mind i finally beat him...However shogun is a different story...he is punching though my blocks and i cant him in the dark..somebody please help

  • Lu

    Best game on Android. I love it!

  • http://flockel cm 0083

    EASIEST way to beat cm 0083!!!! i beat him after 4 tries in first round. after you figure out how to dodge his attacks (light on bottom glove - dodge right then quick left, top glove light - block then dodge right, all gloves light - quick dodge left and right till he stops, teleport - wait for him to teleport back to center and SLIDE to 1 side and dodge to same side.) after you dodge and punch 1 you have enough time to taunt and keep punching if you do 1 right after another (punch taunt punch taunt ect till final punch.) its a VERY quick way to build up to x3 super punch then all you have to do is wait for him to light his bottom glove dodge right then quick left but don't reg punch do x3 super punch. you know u can do x3 SP cuz cm 0083 will have green stuff floating around his head. you can easily take him down 3 times in 1st round with this strategy.

  • Tomas

    Hey, the earlier advice on how to beat Grogul made no sense and was of absolutely no help. I'm still lost. No matter how I try to dodge him or block his attacks, he always knocks me down. HELP!!!!!!

  • MitchRapp

    I'm also lost on grogul. Like Tomas said the only advice made no sense at all. Pls help! I've been stuck forever!

    • Caddyboi

      To start with, the only rime you can hit Grogul is when he opens himself up. Its easy to spot when he will do this because a grin comes on his face. Strike then. When his health is low, hell drink a potion and his health returns. Repeat this until his health is low again but then he turns into purple Grogul. The trick to this is to survive him and dont throw any punches coz his health drops on its own. His attacks are simple. so just block twice, dodge left, dodge right and REPEAT until he gets dizzy. Then attack and he is out
      Hav FUN

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  • alberto

    Do You Lightning KO.?

  • Jevan

    please help!
    KING TUB: When he's dizzy I punch him where the stars appear. Only Stomach so far. I'm still loosing by decision. What am I doing wrong?

    Saw Julians feedback. I havn't seen any stars for head, or three stars for a super.


  • Justin

    How do I beat chief if he keeps pilunching me and I keep on getting T.K.O's.

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  • Brian

    So now that I've gotten all LKO, challenges, endurance mode, and achievements, I am looking for more challenges. Here are a few I've thought of (and accomplished) for Executioner:

    - T.K.O. Executioner
    - Land a level 3 super on Executioner
    - K.O. executioner in first round (without lightning K.O.)

    I am hoping others will think of challenges they have tried or accomplished to share. Let me know if you accomplish these ones for Executioner.

  • Rbw8

    How do you beat king tub?

    The first time I knock him down with low, low, high,high,low,high,low,high

    The second time I try that he blocks like the 2-3rd punch. How do you beat him...

    Also, I got this far without steroids or lightning KO's.... How do you do a lightning KO?

    • Zelnick

      I don't really how to do a lightning ko. I just get lucky. Anyways, for the second knockdown: low high super low high super. 3rd knockdown: high low low

  • Zelnick

    Alright, have beat'n the game and earned every achievement in the game except for the exhibition mode because I have not bought the game yet (and going to). This is, by far, one of the greatest games ever created for the iPhone. This game is very addictive if you get even near halfway through. If you are going to criticize this game before you even play it, don't waste your time to leave a negative comment. Obviously, you don't have a clue what you will be talking about.

  • Bmw575se

    hjjojowhow do you get past 15cent I rock him like no tomorrow but he come out with that dang smile and takes all my health down everytime wtf... help please