ace_combat_titleFans of the long-running aerial combat franchise Ace Combat will be pleased to learn that Namco Bandai is bringing a sequel to the highly-rated PSP title Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Tentatively titled Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, the game will feature a variety of fighter aircraft, some of which will be available as downloadable content in the future. 

Skies of Incursion is a direct sequel to PSP's Ace Combat X Skies of Deception. The game's story follows the same battle as that title, but focuses on Falcon Squadron, a separate unit in the Aurelian Airforce.

Namco Bandai will be making use of the iPhone's accelerometer and touch screen to give the game a unique interface. It will be possible to pilot your plane by tilting your phone. Additionally, the game balance and play time are being adjusted to better suit mobile players.

The Famitsu website has posted a large collection of preliminary screenshots, some of which can be seen below.

The Ace Combat francise has been around since 1995 with versions of the game appearing on the Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, and PSP. No price or release date for the iPhone version has been indicated. Stay tuned for updates on this release as we get them.

Thanks arta

  • Robert

    This is going to kick ass (and F.A.S.T.)

  • Cobalt

    Finally another big developer jumping into the App Store. Now for all you complainers out there Gameloft won't have to make a clone of this game. It was only a matter of time before Gameloft made a flying game clone but thank you Namco Bandai for jumping in! Nothing against Gameloft games I love them all but I am glad to see real games like Need for Speed and this come to the iPhone.

    • spiffyone

      "jumping into the App Store"?

      Namco's been on the App Store for quite a while. Time Crisis, etc. have all already appeared on the App Store.

      They've just been concentrating more on classic arcade games and updates to those classics to the iPhone.

      • Cobalt

        Thanks for correcting me. But I did not think Time Crisis or any of their other Apps were serious efforts.

      • spiffyone

        Time Crisis was originally, iirc, a System 10 or 11 arcade game. Bringing that over in any form to mobile, with seemingly sharper visuals at that, seems to be a good deal of work.'re right in that this game seems to be more "hard" work than Namco has previously shown. And that can only be a good thing.

      • Moroboshi

        I believe Time Crisis on iPhone was a port of an old Japanese mobile phone title.

  • arn

    updated story. This is a SEQUEL, not a port.


  • Brian

    Whoa! Ace Combat X for the PSP was THE definitive fighting/flight game for that system. Can't wait to see what this title will look like on the iPhone.

  • RNF

    The Ace Combat series were one of my PS favorites. Looking forward to this.

  • MinervaDreaming

    Oh wow, I can't wait. I didn't actually get into Ace Combat until 6 came out on the Xbox 360, but I loved it! Should be fun with the accelerometer.

  • Zak

    Ha! I translated the manual for Skies of Deception from the Japanese.

  • memyself

    woah - looks really neat

    but it will all come down to the controls

    hope they live up to the looks

  • Sticktron

    So... is this like a big-budget dramatic-action single-player version of F.A.S.T.?


  • brian

    This game looks ace, just what i was after.

    wow these games are gettin so much better. I can only provide flash games but i shall be looking into the 3d aspect soon.

    well done. |

  • thebennster

    The iPhone just gets better and better... 🙂

  • joni

    omg !!!!!!!! my fav game for the psp!!! holy shitt !!!!$!@%@! no way!!!

    • Robert

      my though exactly!

  • Ken

    I've bought quite a few games for my iPod touch but this is the first title that I'm really stoked about. I hope that this will be everything that F.A.S.T. wasn't.

  • Frumius

    I've been a heavy F.A.S.T. player and I am looking forward to Ace Combat!

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    And here's the F.A.S.T. thread.

  • Currymutton

    In short: YEAH!!!

  • Jeff

    nice... hopefully it also comes out for psp. The problem is that ace combat is known for 30+min missions so if they shorten the missions, hopefully they still feel 'right'.

  • Victor

    I am boycotting namco games until they release a klonoa game for the iphone. And that's just all there is to it.