iPhone developer Tapulous who is most well known for rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge previewed their upcoming music racer Riddim Ribbon today.

The game puts you in the role of the DJ as you race down a ribbon. Your job is to follow the groove as best you can using tilt controls. You can choose to remix your songs by choosing different paths on the ribbon. Here's the game in action:

At the end of each level, you have created your own unique mix that can be shared with your friends. The game is due in October.

  • Coconutbowling

    Awwww... I was hoping for an audiosurf-type game. Oh well, looks decent.

  • snowy2004

    I love that you can switch Mixes in mid-game.

  • s0mah


  • Jeff

    so do you use your own music?

    Looks like audiosurf mix with snail mail xD

  • chris f

    seems a little silly but probably worth a couple bucks. im definitely picking up the tiesto pack when it comes out.

  • http://www.bionicbabies.net bionictom

    Cool idea, too bad they chose black eyes peas songs, not going to see any of my money, at least not iniatially.

  • Adam B.

    Humm I thought this was more in the vain of vibribbon or audio surf. This looks alright but not near as cool as what I was imagining.

  • http://www.impmusicgame.com Jeremy

    If you think this game looks cool, it's almost identical to IMP: Surf the Music that came out on the App Store last week.... you tilt your phone to move left and right and create the music as you collect items along the way. You can even take multiple paths to create a unique mix every time you play.

  • marauder

    IMP: Surf the Music sucks.

  • tosher

    yeah iPhone is the platform where most ripoffs are coming out-this time its (drumroll):audiosurf! getting really bored of those 1001 ripoffs..

  • Nick

    When does it come out

  • http://www.impmusicgame.com Shellen

    Yeah it looks like Imp Surf the Music. Wonder who copied who?

  • taptapfan

    Can't wait!

  • Arvin

    It's almost the end of october and it's not released yet =[

  • MWHApps

    ummm..... IT'S DECEMBER!! WHERE IS THE GAME?!!?!!! SUCH LIARS......

  • Miti96

    "The game is launching in October...", yeah I see...

  • romanul4u

    i really wnt this game... i think i' m going to have a lot of fun playing it

  • Buddy

    This game releases on February 8, 2010.

  • Bethany

    The game looks like a blast, but what songs do they have for you to play? If it's just one song that kinda sucks. Or only Black-Eyed Peas songs only.

  • DaReX!i!

    It LoOkS pReTtY sImPlE!i