We received some early screenshots from EA's upcoming FIFA 10 soccer game for the iPhone. FIFA was announced by EA along with a laundry list of other titles back in March, but we've heard few details since.




The screenshots reveal an analog stick on the left side for player control and A/B buttons on the right side for actions. PocketGamer had some hands on time with an early version of the game and revealed that additional combos by touching and sliding from one button to another, and that specific players can be selected by simply tapping on them.

Meanwhile, TouchArcade's Eli is meeting with EA today and we will reveal more as we are able.

  • arta

    Great visuals? Check. Now we just need to see if the animation is silky smooth with plenty of detail.

  • PeterM11

    looking good. I like the layout of the scores and the little map at the bottom. even the positioning of the buttons looks nice. cant wait to see a video.

  • eggzbacon

    It shows the FPS on the top left corner

    • Dan

      Well, at least for me, the FPS always slow down when I take a screenshot, so I am guessing slightly higher than 25. Maybe even over 35, which still isn't as good as they could do.

    • Tom

      They could have taken the FPS line off...
      Hey is it only me or is there two balls in the second screen? o.O

  • Slapshot

    Hey Hodapp, Tell us about Command and Conquer when you get a build of it!

  • Slapshot

    I find it ironic that they used a team that has the word LAG in it. πŸ˜› That's pretty funny.

  • DannyV

    Looks pretty, definitely going to get! And is it just because it's my name, but how come I always get the word "dan" as my anti-spam word? I'm not complaining, just curious.

  • Clyde

    What the hEll is soccer? This is football.
    BTW you know what would be cool? Being able to play as Pele. Even though he retired like 50 years ago.

  • samthelion

    why call the button "A" e "B"? they are called with letters and numbers in hardware devices because they need to be general purposes. Programmers shouldn't remember us that they are adapting games that were meant to be controlled with different methods, they should try to provide true touch screen experiences.
    Might be just a small detail, but X2 with its peculiar buttons was ahead on this.

  • Zack

    I hope they have online multiplayer.

  • WunDaii

    So... has Eli met with EA yet?

  • Rodney

    i am really looking forward to what ea has in store so far they're on the right track they didnt dissapoint us with need for speed

  • TareX

    Simply blown away by the visuals...

    But, I'd rather play a full ISS PES2 game on a WM phone with a PSX emulator... and Physical BUTTONS.

    Gran Turisom 2 on full speed:

    Tekken 3 full speed:

  • Alza

    People seem pretty unanimous on the great visuals front... But to me this looks exactly like Real Football 2009 with better lighting. I hoped EA would really pull out the stops on this one

  • Alman

    I am kindly asking if this game include the following international and most popular Leagues and Cups:


    1. La Liga (Spanish League)
    2. English Premier League
    3. Serie A (Italian League)
    4. Bundesliga (German League)
    5. Eredivisie (Dutch League) Netherlands
    6. Ligue 1 (French League)
    7. European Champions League
    8. Liga (Portuguese League)
    9. Major League Soccer (MLS) U.S.A.


    1. World Cup
    2. American Nation Cup
    3. African Nation Cup
    4. European Nation Cup
    5. Asian Nation Cup

    These are the most popular and demandable Leagues and Cups soccer fans on iTunes with iPhones are presently waiting for with game commentary during the match and the Managers Mode to change players during the match.

  • http://Toucharcade.com Jesus

    When is FIFA 10 coming out I want to get it already

    • Alman

      FIFA 10 will be coming out on October 20, 2009 for the XBOX 360, PS3 and others but don't know if it will be available for the iPhone on the same day.

      You can check on: http://www.easports.com to see the video preview and more information.

    • Zemar

      The release date is the 2nd October 2009! I can't wait anymore πŸ™‚