While EA may have a complete monopoly on NFL games on home consoles, the App Store is wide open for competition between industry giants Gameloft and EA who both have rights to the complete NFL franchise on the iPhone. In what quite obviously is a warning shot across the bow of the U.S.S. Madden battleship, Gameloft sent us these screenshots this afternoon complete with some details on what is coming in the next NFL 2010 [App Store] update that should be live in the next one or two weeks.


The official NFL RSS feed has been integrated in to the main menu, it's also aware of what you set as your favorite team in the options and will show you news about that team along with general NFL headlines. While I don't see too many people launching NFL 2010 to get their football news for the day, it's nice to see games doing more with the internet connectivity of the iPhone than online scoreboards.


Player head shots have been added, along with improvements to both the offensive and defensive in-game AI, along with some difficulty balances adjusting how the game handles interceptions, passes, coverage, and other things like that. There will also be a new playbook with additional basic plays.



The NFL players database has also been updated to add Michael Vick to the Eagles and Bret Favre to the Vikings. This update is a nice turn for Gameloft who historically has not released content updates for their games and instead just focus on updates to improve performance, compatibility, or provide bug fixes. Gameloft seems serious about holding the line on NFL 2010 with the impending release of Madden 10.

This update alone would be substantial enough, but there's also a second update in the works with a release date that has yet to be announced which will add:

  • Online, Bluetooth and WiFi Multiplayer modes.
  • The ability to upload your best replays to YouTube.
  • A special Zombies vs Skeletons match.
  • Gameloft LIVE! compatibility.

While it remains to be seen how this battle between the App Store titans of the will resolve, these updates may make a decision to hold off buying until Madden 10 more difficult to stand by.

App Store Link: NFL 2010, $4.99

  • dexx0008

    ohhh what a nice surprise. Can't wait for the update. Way to go Gameloft! Now, lets have lots of goodies for gangstar in a large update, please.

  • brett

    Dont Care.....Missing in the App Store out of the USA!!...
    Madden Hopefully Will Go to the world, If not i may just cry

  • SalsaMD

    "These updates may {make] a decision to hold off buying until Madden 10 more difficult to stand by."

  • spiffyone

    If Gameloft can really work out the online play, that, along with the Youtube video uploads, could really help them hold their own against the Madden juggernaut.

    The very fact that we have more choices on this platform compared to others, though, is already great for this platform. It means the devs will do their best to make sure their game is better.

    Competition...it's a damned good thing.

    • rich_952000

      Agreed Spiffy πŸ™‚

      I'm already happy with NFL 2010, and if, as promised in the app description, online multiplayer materialises it will be hard for me to play other games.

      Hurry up with Gameloft Live!

  • ajd90

    Come on Gameloft, let's see it outside of the US app store, there are NFL fans worldwide! This looks a really good game but I feel Gameloft will really miss out on worldwide sales when Madden comes out.

  • Tic7

    So when it updates are they gonna raise the price?

  • Tic7

    Is the prce gonna be raised when it updates?

  • Gary

    Madden 10>NFL 2010 plain And simple.


      How do you even know? Have you played either?

      • spiffyone

        He knows because he's either a Madden fanboy, or EA Sports viral marketer. Or both. πŸ˜‰

  • Altrez

    I was just thinking how cool it would be to receive live NFL updates while playing πŸ™‚ I cant wait!

  • CaseyLay

    ALRIGHT! Gameloft finally finished their online server for NFL. Lets hope they get the servers for other games put up soon, like Ferrari GT and that the server for Asphalt 5 is up before the game's release. I would love a server for Gangstar (favorite game).

  • Cory Gillmore

    According to spiffyone, anyone who is a fan of the Madden series is either a rabid EA fanboy or a viral EA marketer. I think spiffyone is still upset because EA bought the NFL license and shut down his favorite NFL franchise (NFL 2K) years ago. Get over it douchebag.

  • Caedfel

    Why can't we get this game in the UK

  • Lyanheart

    This is probably how the game was supposed to be published, but they rushed it out ahead of time just to make sure they beat Madden. I think I'll actually pick this up for $4.99 while I still can.

  • http://jespersunivers.dk/ Plast2

    Damn, I NEED this game! why isn't it out in Denmark!?

  • Ashram

    You can get a US account regardless of where you live, so it really isn't an issue

  • Joel

    Graphics look better on the Madden version, but who knows how they both play.