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Early Look at ‘Hybrid: Eternal Whisper’


Gamevil is putting the final touches on their action fighting game Hybrid: Eternal Whisper which is scheduled to be submitted to Apple as early as next week.

We first heard about this title coming to iPhone back in June, and Gamevil has since been working hard to adapt it to the iPhone and to the U.S. market. The game is a hybrid of action, adventure and RPG genres and one that we haven’t quite seen before. Hybrid is an action fighting game at its core with an extensive skills upgrade system and RPG elements. These levels are tied together with an extensive story line.

IMG_0156You play the role of Grey a young kid with a mysterious history who is looking to defend his land and avenge his brother. The story walks you through your training which teaches you how to fight. The D-Pad offers movement and an action button for attacks. Grey also has two different sword grips: standard and reverse. The two grips are more effective for different scenarios and can be combined together to form longer attacks. But this is just the beginning.

Additional special attacks and skills are introduced over time and there appear to be a massive number of possibilities. As you can see from the Skills page shown later in the video, I’ve only unlocked a few of the dozens of possibilities. In the video, you can see the Salamander magical attack which is invoked by a diagonal swipe of the screen.

As mentioned, the game is a series of fights strung together with a story. Surviving the fight is, of course, the ultimate goal, but you also get graded on your style and performance with each fight. As you level up and pick up items from enemies, you can upgrade your personal stats and equip stronger weapons and defensive items. The game is punctuated with boss fights and as the foes get harder, you will have to master your attacks to be able to prevail.

Like Zenonia, it appears Hybrid will offer a massive amount of gameplay time. We’ll give some full impressions after we have some more practice at the game and get much deeper into it. Hybrid is scheduled to be submitted to Apple as early as next week.