8bit_flying_titleHere's one that falls in the just-for-fun writeup category. How so? Well, this is a fairly enjoyable, very simple dodge-the-obstacles game that almost certainly will only appeal to the highly nostalgic, retro gaming crowd (of which I am the leader).

Did you ever have an IBM PC in the early '80s? Did it have a monochrome screen? Did you game on it anyway? If your answer is yes to all three, then you'd have loved spending some time in front of 8bit Games - Flying [App Store] on that clunky classic computer.

And, if you answered no to any of the above three questions, then move on -- nothing to see here....

8bit Games - Flying is what arcade heaven would have been way back when on your Hercules graphics-equipped 8088-based PC. With a gameplay mechanic similar to Cube Runner, the game puts you in accelerometer control of an airplane flying through a cityscape with the goal of dodging everything. And it's a challenge, because your eyes are bleeding while you play.

8-bit games - flying screen

The game offers three different monochrome screen colors (with a fourth that's unlocked based on true play skill) and a global scoreboard. It's fun, but retro, retro, retro.

If you don't crave retro -- do not buy this game. But if you do, it's pretty amusing. You've been warned.

App Store Link: 8bit Games - Flying, $1.99

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