circuit_strike_one_prerelease_04Chillingo and developer h.grenade have provided TouchArcade with the final build of the much anticipated space shooter Circuit Strike One.

We recorded this first hands-on gameplay video that shows the game in action. Those with just casual familiarity with the game might think that the game looks like many of the multi-directional survival shooters that have recently invaded the app store. Developer Shay Casey explains, however, that the game is actually a zero-g physics game much like Asteroids.

The real key can't be said enough - it is a zero-g physics game just like Asteroids so do not try and keep your thumb on the thrust.

Casey says that once you get used to the controls there is a great payoff "allowing maneuvers like strafing, 180 degree j-turn style attacks and more. .... Once you get the hang of it and the controls "click" for you it opens up a world of possibilities."

The game also features an Airbrake, Reverse Thrust and an invincible "Bullet Time" mode. Our skills aren't up to speed quite yet (as you can tell in the video), but the game looks great and you can get a feel for it through this hands on video (played on an iPhone 3G):

Circuit Strike One has been submitted to the App Store and is due any day now. We've been following this one for some time, and glad to see the release is almost upon us.

  • emb531

    Looks the nerdy stuff (I'm a networking / info security major, so all the IP addresses and such make me laugh), hopefully this is approved soon.

  • Lord Gek

    I will snag it the second it comes out but have to admit the gameplay still has me very confused.

    The ship flies around a bit shooting random baddies (straight forward so far) but then he shoots a big red turret and a countdown starts. Then, in all of this craziness he then flies through a wall or something...what am I missing?

    What is the basic flow of play? What is that timer all about?

    • Alichan76

      Are we living parallel lives? I was thinking exactly the same...

      • EightFlyingCars

        Basically, in each stage there are a number of boxes that you have to destroy to lift the shields around the core. Once this happens, you have thirty seconds to destroy the core and move onto the next level. And naturally, there are enemies pestering you all the while.

        The flying-through-walls bit is called the wall hack, where it warps you to the opposite side of the level.

        So there you go. I really can't wait for this game.

  • Lord Gek


    The videos make much more sense now.

    So what kind of wacky powerups or weapons can the player come across? Are there any particularly fiendish baddies (not simply tough but have unique powers)?

  • Rocco

    The sound and style has got a lot of REZ feel.