Two notable iPhone games that we enjoyed and covered in the past have received free, lite versions.

Hero of Sparta Lite

hero of sparta screenGameloft's Hero of Sparta [App Store] was one of the most impressive games for the iPhone at the time of its release. The level complexity, 3D rendering, and cinematics come together to deliver an impressive experience. For fans of the "Hack n' Slash" genre, the overall production value of the paid app and the fun to be had is likely worth the $5.99.

The free, lite version [App Store] features only a very short first level (versus eight of the full release), but should give a basic feel for the paid app to those debating the purchase.

Platypus Lite

platypus 1Astraware's Platypus [App Store] is particularly notable for its unusual claymation-style artwork and retro-inspired soundtrack.  Every item in the game was formed with modeling clay and photographed for inclusion in the game.  It's a fun, unique looking side-scrolling shooter.  And while it's a bit easier and slower-paced than typical hardcore side-scrollers, it's one of the better scrolling shooters currently available for the iPhone.

The free, lite version of Platypus [App Store] includes one clay landscape and the first area of Level One to give a feel for the game. (The full version includes a total of 20 areas across four clay levels.)

  • Currymutton

    Well, just miss the gate is AC-130 free lite version is also available.

  • Zack Brown

    Sweet, i've been wanting to try both of these out for a while 🙂