Com2us has announced the release of their new iPhone game Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor [App Store] as an "action RPG with PC and console game graphic quality".

Players begin by creating a customized character with their choice of attributes, then set out on a journey to find the evil dragon Deathtaker, who disappeared after an epic battle. Villagers and vendors help along the way, and players can raise pets who enhance their attributes.

The developers list the following features:

  • Old-school action RPG
  • PC, console-quality graphics and animation
  • Optimized touch control for iPhone
  • Gigantic map, items, all kinds of fantasy monsters
  • Dynamic weather, various quests, dealing, pet system

We've only spent a very brief amount of time with the title so far, so are unable to speak to the scope of the game. The game, itself, however, seems well designed for the iPhone and of good quality. The game begins with your character in a town. You start with a short sword and 5 potions to replenish your health. The small town you are in has a shop in which you can sell and buy equipment and a couple of townspeople to start you off with a couple of simple quests. The initial portion of the game involves fighting off local creatures to increase your experience and gather goods to sell.

The control scheme involves tapping on the location on the map which directs your character to automatically walk towards that location. Fighting is automatic and simply involves tapping on the enemy you would like to attack. The menu system provides inventory, a list of active quests, your skills and experience.

A couple of the our early adopters in forum seem pleased with the game even at this early stage.

App Store Link: App Store Link, $7.99

  • Sushibox

    This is absolutely brilliant. I've been waiting for something like this for a good while now. Let's hope other developers have offerings that will start a new trend, because the iPhone is a bit shy on it's RPG offerings.

  • alexandre leboucher

    it's because are very time consuming (well action RPG are a bit less) and it asks minimum of 6 month to dev... Considering devs will have to prostitute there app on appstore, no wonder therer are a very few RPG right now:)

    Still I'm curious about this, i'm going to give a a try tonight!

  • Chris


  • dk206

    lol cloud...yeah. i wish..
    whilst still waiting for Japanese to start dev games for the iphone.
    I'll stick with this for now, it ain't a JRpg but at least its a start.
    The movement is still quite slow fps-wise when exploring (a bit like Vay)
    but i think its pretty decent. Only been 10 mins.

    will keep you posted
    dk206 (youtube)

  • Ahiru

    is this something like diablo? i mean, are the weapons/gear/dungeons randomly generated??

    and someone in the app store said the game suffers from a low framerate issue... that true?

  • Zach

    It reminds me of the Ragnarok mmorpg. A lot of grinding, and it's pretty difficult. You pretty much grind an enemy until you get almost no exp from them, and then move on to the next. But it's fun, and a grinder isn't a bad idea for the Iphone. I am so far loving it!

  • jz

    What zach said. or mayby like R.O.S.E online?
    Although tip. if you start create your character just reroll till you got lots of abilities to start with. Good start. Sometimes you get like
    or something that means 10 points extra
    and sometimes you get
    or something and that means 24 points extra in your abilities 😛

  • Rudi

    Bad performance - framerates!!! Crappy handling, can only hope they're fixing it

  • Alex

    I'm using a 16GB iPod Touch, and the framerate is awful even after a restart. Anyone else getting better performance?

  • Zach

    I have no performance issues at all...a small hickup here and there, but absolutely nothing to really complain about on my end. I even got a low memory warning halfway through my play.

  • Herp


    That was exactly my reaction.

  • arn

    I didn't see any major framerate issues on an iPhone 3G, but I only made it so far in the game as mentioned in article.

  • MacinJosh

    I'm very impressed with the game. I couldn't almost put it down last night. I play on a 32GB 1st gen iPod Touch and have no real performance issues. I'm up to level 8 and have a pet and some gear and enhancements.

  • YGun

    I asked to devs, they said they will update framerate soon.

  • Tony

    "PC, console-quality graphics and animation"

    I'm not a fan of hyperbole... but otherwise the game looks interesting. I'm a pretty big fan of action RPGs, and grinding a bit on the go sounds quite convenient.

  • arn

    for those on the fence, here's a gameplay video

  • gotty

    Its quite fun! upto level 5 at the mo, and i seem to have the hang of it! if they keep updating should be a good game!

  • Rafael

    Folks, let´s share our game problems and see if we can solve them together. Well, after defeating the grunt and thinking that I had the most powerful weapons/gears I face the quest "search the monument" and see that I need more experience and money for "new" gears. Actually I have (lv28):
    +4 Warhammer
    +1 Iron Shield
    +3 Mithral Armor
    +1 Frame shoes
    01 clover (if I keep it with me will I have more chances to get good treasures from the monsters?)
    I´m trying hard to get more clovers and totems and sell them, becouse I think that´s the best way to get richer.

    Lack of tips: If the characters in the town could explain the meaning of having a pet or other stuff like potions or "luck", the game would be easier.
    Strong monsters should drop more money, too.

  • Seki

    I'm level 33 about halfway to 34. I'm in the monument also trying to kill the Dragon Hellkite. I think I'm going to try him at 34, it's a pretty good game so far but I really wish they would explain things more.

  • NotYou

    I finally bought this game and I'm loving it so far. Like everyone else, I died a lot when i first started. I'm not far at all yet. I'm still on the first quest trying to save that woman from the mushrooms. :p
    This game looks like it'll keep me busy for a LONG time.

  • Rafael

    Seki, the Dragon Hellkite is too strong (is the dragon the key of the quest?). I´m Lv 33 now and here´s my gear:

    +5 Warhammer
    +4 Roud Shield
    +4 Mithral Armor
    +6 Greave

    Still trying to finish the quest "search the monument"..

  • aardWolf

    @Rafael, the monument was a randomly dropped item from killing a plain old Orc in the "Orc Camp 1". I haven't even received the quest yet, but I have the Troll Totem.

  • Rafael

    Well, I finished the game. Here´s my last status:

    Lv 41 / Pet Lv8 AC 4
    +8 Warhammer
    +5 Panic Shield
    +4 Velorium Armor
    +1 Velorium Boots
    Dragon´s eye

    To defeat the elf queen remember that you will need a lot of red potions. You can also use green potion, yellow potion and ogre blood, all combined.

  • phil

    this is a really cool game, here is my statues:

    PET LV 6 STR 4
    +3 TRIDENT

    i keep getting ass kickED in monument 3rd floor~~ LOL

  • seki

    yeah, I also just finished the game. In my opinion, it was pretty short. I wish there were more bosses.

    Anyways my final gear was...

    +6 Icebringer
    +6 velorium armor
    +5 greaves
    +4 panic shield
    Purple text clover

    I'm still going to keep playing to max out all my gear and enchant it with scrolls in case they add more dungeons and bosses.

  • prepath

    it was short but fun. good game

  • phil

    few things i dont like, there are no guides at all~~i mean whatup with those purple text stuff~~and the platform in the map where u find the big fairy, i drop a weapon in it, it said " worm air surround the body", i check the status and i see no change, a weapon and gears list would help~~and the maps are too random, they keep changing everytime, a fixed map and store locations would be better then running all around just to gather red potions

    • merri

      What did you do to get off the fairy/pixie level? I've killed the big fairy 3 times and still can't find the exit. Also, what did you have to give up at the white platform? I keep getting the warm air message also.

      Thanks for your help

      • Servan

        There´s no entry to a new level. You´ll have to give the meat that the guy gave you to the big beast sleeping a couple of levels back. The only thing you can drop on that white pedestal is the dragon eye you get in the dungeon.

  • Tony

    LV 34
    +1 Icebringer
    +7 Round Shield
    +5 Plate
    +6 Frame Shoes
    Lv Pet +3 AGI

    Had 16 Pots and still couldnt kill the dragon hellkite. I have no problem taking everything else on the level but the dragon whoops me each time and I dont get lucky enough to find upgrades in shops or drops.

    This game is pretty much a mindless grind, though fun at first is starting to bore me.

    What I noticed is drops decrease dramatically after you clear the map the first time and start killing respawns. A way around this is back tracking to the town and running back to the last map you were in killing everything all over again.

  • Leon

    Quick question: can you turn off the music and play your own stuff? I like to grind in this type of game while listening to a podcast or audiobook.

  • dustin

    Ummmmmmmm................. This might be a really dumb question but how do get a pet? I have 2 ancient eggs but dont know what to do with them. My character is a t lv 13.

  • Dragoon

    I could play my music on iPhone by startiing music then game then using mic button to start my own music

  • Negerstam

    how do you get that big troll awake???
    he says he's hungry but i dont know what to do???? can someone help me please!!!

    • merri

      On the next level, you'll find a piece of meat. bring it to him.

  • Dodger

    when do i get a pet? and where can i find the grunt?

  • Dragoneer

    Negerstam, I think there's a thing of meat that says "???" that drops from something, you have to drop it on the ground by the sleeping ogre I think.

    dustin: Select the egg in your inventory, then touch it again. If you already have a pet it will break the contract and you'll get the new one, whatever it is. I wish we could keep all our pets and swap them, otherwise you don't know what you're getting with a new egg. I had one that was +AC, now I have one that's a lvl 6 gryphon that gives me "x2HIT 3" whatever that means (more double-attacks?).

  • Balshamon

    I'm stuck. I've been as far as the fortress of urc and killed him multiple times but don't know what to do for the quest to kill grunt. I can't get in the door in the fortress.

  • RichiPichi

    im level 22 and i have a unicorn "all stat +3" lvl 4 😀
    it helps me a lot ^^


    I have the meat that i got from the sage but when im trying to give it to the troll...the troll is stil sleeping and saying yummy so hungry...stuff like can i give him the meat? stuck...!!!

    • Balshamon

      Drop it near him.

  • perm

    inotia is awesome. good easy simple controls. decent graphics. many hours of gameplay. grind to get gold and equipment and scrolls to upgrade your stuff. i got a glowing armor enhancement scroll earlier and my pet gives ac instead of the usual str con agi or dex

  • brett

    i talk to the sage and he dosnt give me the meat it just keeps saying stuff over and over and i cant move what do i do

  • Daniel

    Lv. 25
    Bastard Sword +1
    Iron Shield +2
    Full Plate +3
    Frame Shoes +2
    Clover/Troll Totem
    Lv. 5 Unicorn
    7P 8446 Gold

    Still trying to get the best armors and stuff. -starts to play again-

  • david

    brett, I had the same problem with the sage, what i did was just keep tapping the text box and eventually he gave me the meat, try it out.

  • Servan

    Great game, still struggling with the queen though. Guess i´ll just have to power up and find the darn Velorium armor... anyone knows how to get it??
    My stats:
    Lvl 39
    Lvl 7 pet, STR 5
    Icebringer +5
    Panic Shield +3
    Titanium Armour +2
    Velorium Boots +3
    ATK 102 AC 46 CRT 12 HP 472
    Str 18+5 Con 18
    Dex 18 Agi 17

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