DVide Arts Inc. has just released an iPhone version of its popular mobile adventure game Angel Sword [App Store] through the iTunes App Store.

Once upon a time, in a land of magic, two wizards ruled in peace. The legend says that the Red Wizard unlocked the power of the Sword of Angels, a blade forged by the gods using good and evil magic. Over time, the power of the sword filled the Red Wizard with darkness. In order to stop the Red Wizard, a guardian angel was summoned using the power of light. Now you must guide this hero on the path to recover the Sword of Angels and restore peace through out the land. Prepare to battle demons, solve mysteries, and travel across two major lands in search of the legendary Angel Sword.

Angel Sword is a Zelda-like adventure both in gameplay and appearance.  Although not actually a retro title, it looks like one, likely due to the lowest common denominator of the smartphone platforms the game supports.  The main character is controlled via an on-screen button rose and by way of other contextual pop-up buttons.  A simple musical score accompanies gameplay.

Features listed by the developer:

  • Interactive game characters with in depth stories
  • Re-playable interactive alternate endings
  • Challenging animated enemies
  • Auto save your game progress
  • Save up to 3 unique games
  • Submit your game online after completion
  • Full color graphics and animation
  • Music and Sound Effects with mute sound option
  • Easy to use interface with on screen instruction buttons

App Store Link: Angel Sword, $4.99

  • http://www.itunesregistry.com mainstreetmark

    Are there any decent "modern" RPGs out there yet? All the ones I've really explored have been terrible! LootWars was only mildly interesting and Parallel Kingdoms is, well, not much good you can say about that one.

  • Jesse

    This looks atrocious. Even if they were going to do a direct port, without updating the graphics, they could at least try to do a half-decent UI with the rest of the screen. Ugh.

  • Asa

    I'm afraid Vay is still your best bet for an iPhone RPG.

  • http://myspace.com/battlebornmusic Battle Born

    has anybody actually tried it?

  • harley

    Hmmm... interesting, but the graphics are a far cry away from what the iPhone is capable of. Speaking of the graphics, why do the fence posts look like penises?

  • Fazzy

    And at only 1.4 MB, you can tell there's not much in there... Compared to Vay's 51.3 MB....

  • Demonshade

    I played it. Its ok but its pretty short. I finished it in a little under 2 hours played but thats only because i was lost running around in the forest hehe. The whole game is about naked angle who must defeat the evil magician or something. You start off in a church and are told you need a special sword to defeat him so he directs u to the armor smith. A short trip and you find the blacksmith who gives u a temporary sword till you find twenty ores which he will use to craft the sword. He will upgrade your sword every 5 ores. You go about searching for the ores in various chests. Some are in the forest, some are in the desert, and some are attained by talking to the villagers and figuring out what they need and then finding it. One villager is a fisher and needs help fishing so you must bring him back some worms. One wants you to go find her sister. One wants venom from the snakes to cure their daughter. One wants you to catch a rabbit. And one wants rocks.

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  • http://Gleny.com Gleny

    How do u catch the rabbit?