Newtoy Inc's new Chess game called Chess With Friends [App Store] is now available for free (normally $4.99) for the next 1000 downloads.

We're not sure how they're tracking the downloads so closely, so you should probably download first, ask questions later:

Chess With Friends IS FREE for the next 1000 downloads! Our servers are handling the first round of players - so it's time to unleash the horde! Download Chess With Friends now, FREE for a limited time, and start enjoying the best multiplayer experience available on the iPhone and iPod Touch today!

Chess With Friends is a multiplayer chess game that allows you to play Chess "asynchronously" against other across the world. Once you make a move, the other player will see your move the next time they log into the application.

App Store Link: Chess With Friends, Free (normally $4.99)

  • Brett Archibald


    Sorry for "shouting", but Goddamn, this makes me mad!
    There's no reason for companies to do this!

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  • RazorianFly

    I was just about to post the same thing.
    Why no love for the UK?

    It looks good from that video.

    By the way Arn, thanks for featuring the Zombie Mansion video!

  • Bloc party

    not in Australian store either.

  • snow_mani

    Yep. And I was even interested BEFORE the free offer. I was just waiting on users to post feedback before buying.

  • RazorianFly

    Just downloaded it through my US iTunes account. It's by far the best way to play Chess on iPhone - I have the other alternatives, and they don't compare.

  • Galley

    Chess makes my brain hurt.

  • joe c

    Sorry, but of course there's a reason to do it: your laws are different than ours and don't make it such a cut and dry thing to do.

  • Paul Bettner

    Hey guys,

    Thank you for writeup and all the great comments.

    Just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know that our TOP priority right now is making Chess With Friends available in ALL regions the iPhone is available in. We just submitted a new version to Apple today and as soon as they approve this new version, it will be available on EVERY iTunes store.

    For those interested in the technical details: the reason version 1.0 is only available in US, France, and Greece is that our servers only initially supported US-format phone numbers (10 digits) and we didn't have a system in place to handle international formats.

    Well, we've fixed that now and as soon as our new version (1.03) hits the App Store, Chess With Friends will be available world wide!

    We're sorry for the delay, I expect it will only be another few days wait at most.

    - Paul
    CEO, Newtoy Inc.

  • Paul Bettner

    (and in case it wasn't obvious, the Greece and France phone number format is identical to US, hence the ability to support the current version in those regions.)

    - Paul

  • dan

    I also use the Chess Club app, but usually I don't have the time for a full game of chess. Finding a well matched opponent when you actually want to play can also be tough. This app solves both those problems. I generally just want to play with my friends anyway and this is alot less intimidating for them.

  • snow_mani

    Thank-you for the explanation Paul.

    Now that the reason has been explained, it makes good sense why it has not been available here in Australia.

    I await the release here and look forward to purchasing and playing Chess with Friends.

  • Josh

    Is it odd that they ask for phone number and mothers maiden name to play chess? I only ask after I created an account. I love the game though.

  • Radarscope1

    Just DL'd it about 30 minutes ago. Still free. I just got an iPhone on Tuesday and this site has already saved me 7 bucks on games.

  • networkman


    This approach with network-effect plays very well to the iphone. I'm enjoying this approach. Please work an alert system to let us know it's my turn to play. Checking back to the app each time is rather "old-way". Try to implement an email alert for now, since I understand Apple doesn't really support push well. Chess Club is announcing the play OTA as well. The two best Chess apps right now are Chess Club and Chess with Friends! It's your move.

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  • Chris

    That email alert would be awesome, also make it so it checks when your last move was before sending email. i don't want a bunch of emails if my friend and I are playing at the same time on the phone, no need for alerts 🙂

  • JanB

    Not avaible in the german Store. Suxx.

  • Foofur

    All the free downloads are used up as of now. :~(

  • Noah

    Now it's free again!

  • Johnsmith

    Chess club and chess with friends are an embarrassment. I deleted them. Cyber chess is the only serious chess game on the iPhone, since it connects to a very good online server, FICs, so there are always plenty of opponents of good quality, not just people on iPhones. Don't waste your time with the other nonsense.

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  • Carol Fishburn

    Excellent site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this article? Im happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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