iPhone developer Niklas Wahrman has dropped the price of his Asterope [App Store] to Free. So for a limited time, you can get the full game for no charge.

The game normally costs $2.99 and offers a unique gameplay in which you launch a grappling hook on passing rocks in order to change your direction.

While the gameplay is unique, we're not sure if it's enough to base an entire game around. The game, however, has been well reviewed by an Pocketgamer.co.uk and is certainly worth giving it a try for free.

The gameplay video gives you and idea of how the game is played. As an extra bonus the Asterope developer has posted extensive details about the game's development process.

App Store Link: Asterope

  • mek

    it has the ability to turn the music off, but not listen to your own music 🙁

  • mek

    but after playing it...it is a lot of fun and i recommend it

  • Alza

    That's disappointing that the dev has had to do that. This is a great game

  • arn

    I didn't love the game. I respect the effort, but for some reason the gameplay didn't really capture me.

  • http://qubedstudios.com VL-Tone

    I would've gladly paid $2.99 for this game, as Alza said, it's too bad that the developer has to do that to get some exposure.

    This is the kind of innovative gameplay I like.

    As for basing a whole game around this kind of gameplay, Asterope reminds me of the GBA series "Kuru Kururin", in which you have to guide a rotating stick through narrow passages without hitting the walls, and this game got me addicted.

  • Crastic

    Neat to see that he actually does wrap around the asteroids with the rope.

  • Freitag

    I downloaded this game now because it was free, but if I'd have known it was this polished, I would gladly have coughed up more than 3 bucks for it. Is it possible to pay for an app, after you've downloaded it?

    I'm a bit worried about the state of the app store. If developers feel they cannot charge enough for their apps to get by, it will be an app store full of only flashlights and tip calculators in 6 months.

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    I quite like this game. It appeals to me in a unique way.

  • RayZa

    I agree with you guys......just another reason why "demo's" should be put out for trial purposes...

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