iPhone-using Marble Madness fans will probably get all dreamy eyed when they behold screenshots of the recently released AeroGyro [App Store] from JRP App AZ.  I know I did.

AeroGyro (which is actually closer to the less well-known '80s game Spindizzy than Marble Madness) is an accelerometer-controlled isometric 3D maze game in which the player guides a shiny ball through various platform mazes towards the finish line before the timer runs out.  Ramps and various "lateral forces" complicate the task.

But they may as well not.

And that's because the game is nearly impossible to play.  In its current v1.0 state the controls are so sensitive that getting to the finish line anywhere beyond the third maze feels like an astounding achievement.  The game sports a lovely design that harkens back to the aforementioned classics, but until the control system receives some serious adjustment, we suggest readers pass on AeroGyro [$2.99, App Store].

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  • Bartig

    Lovely design? It basically blue and yellow squares with a standard font. That isn't even design.

  • http://fingergaming.com/ Matt Burris

    I wonder if the developer tested the game on a Mac and never had it tested on an actual iPhone or iPod Touch, because that's pretty inexcusable releasing a paid app like that.

    Hopefully they release an update that fixes the game, as I was looking forward to trying it out.

  • WhySoSerious

    didn't people already learn their lesson from monkey ball?? any more games like this and MB should only be "purchases" if there is a FREE version first. so they have a chance to test out the controls and see if the developer did it right....rather than the other way around and fund a faulty product.

  • ArtOfWarfare

    I think the issue is that other developers are like me... too poor to actually buy an iPhone to test on and hoping to get enough through app sells. I'm just steering clear of the motion sensing (which I do have a lot of ideas for,) in my games until I get enough to buy an iPod touch to test on.

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    @Bartig: The isometric maze games of old have a lot of charm -- as such, it's "lovely" to me. The only problem with the game is the control, really, IMHO.

    @WhySoSerious: We hope that our reviews are helpful to users in making wise App Store purchases. I think the videos go a long way in this regard.

  • Rob

    This is one I would buy for sure. Hope they get it fixed. Marbel Madness has to be one of the best games of its time and this looks like a decent clone visually.

  • Oliver

    Well, there are other problems. As seen in the screenshot there are no walls and you just don't see directly whether you will be in the same level. Marble Madness had walls, so there wasn't such a problem.

    Overall, AeroGyro is by far the most unplayable game I bought. I hope it develops. Some games developed in a good direction after getting feedback, like StarSmasher or SolarQuest. But overall I would appreciate if developers think and test before they *sell* their stuff. Good games like DizzyBee, Chopper, MetaSquares or Touch4 show that it works this way as well - and this should be the default. Of course it's nice when developers listen to their customers, but they shouldn't deliver unplayable crap which will become usable weeks or even months after the purchase. This just isn't fair. And it makes it harder for developers which produce nice games.