Griptonite Games has released a free demo version of their Chimps Ahoy! [$4.99, App Store] game.

Chimps Ahoy! Lite [Free, App Store] provides a 7 level version of the game to provide you a taste of the gameplay before committing the $4.99 for the 100 level version.

The game is a multi-touch take on the classic breakout/arkanoid formula. The two chimps on either side of the screen are controlled independently with your thumbs, and your goal is to bounce a coconut between the two chimps to eliminate all the blocks. Enemies and powerups are also available.

While we have not done a full review of the game, this video from the developer provides an overview of the gameplay.

  • arn

    I played the 7 level version, and didn't really love it.


  • bud

    I found the area for where you slide your thumbs to be too small (and I don't have big hands or anything).

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  • CoSTa

    A little bit hard to control. I was playing with my 5 yers old doughter and she had a lot of problems controlling the game. Shame cause it looks like pretty cool game made with some sence of humor.

  • Loopy

    I have the full version and I think it's great. I'm 6' and don't have any trouble with the areas for sliding, perhaps you're both doing it wrong. You can have your thumbs over the monkeys heads.