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‘Plumeboom’ Franchise Coming to iPhone

As IGN reports, game developer Fireglow Games is partnering with Mac games publisher Virtual Programming to bring the Plumeboom franchise to various mobile platforms including the iPhone and iPod touch.

Three specific titles that will arrive for the iPhone are Plumeboom The First Chapter, The Golden Path of Plumeboom, and A-B-O-O – Plumeboom’s Friends.  The Plumeboom games are color-based puzzlers of the “match-three" sort, each with a different style of gameplay.

Fireglow sets the story for Plumeboom The First Chapter,

Orniland is a paradise for birds. Thousands live here in peace and harmony. But two villains, Crowbeak the Wizard and his servant, Cornix the Scientist, seek to undo the tranquility of the land through darkness… with an evil potion that they spread across the country using conveyors. The potion turns birds into Warriors of Darkness serving the villains. Only Plumeboom the Peacock can destroy the system of conveyors and save Orniland! Help him in his mission!

No solid date has been given for Plumeboom‘s arrival in the App Store.  A taste for the gameplay of The First Chapter can be seen in a demo video of the PC version.