Forum user Project-79 noticed that Astraware’s GTS World Racing is now available [App Store]. We posted a brief overview just earlier today. The game will offers 16 locations, 64 different track layouts and 3 different car types to chose from. The tilt-controlled racer also offers four different play modes and four difficulty levels. The product page details the different play modes.

We'll provide a full review shortly. The game is priced at $7.99 and takes up 9.6MB.

  • whysoserious

    looks sooooooo boring

  • mavis

    Naw, I think it looks fun ... and I'll soon find out. I'm installing now! 😉

    Thanks for the heads up, TA!!

  • Matt McCarty

    I have been playing for the past hour or so and love it! The controls feel perfect, here is my full review.

    PS. One of the best games out so far.

  • Rocketman919

    why is the release date Aug 4? It makes it so hard to find new games when they have the wrong date.

  • VeganTnT

    is it possible to flip the screen?

    I hate when games force me to play counter clockwise. it forces me to either cover the speaker on one side and the headphone port on the other.


  • arn

    @VeganTnT No way to flip the screen.


  • Oliver

    oh well... there's so much wrong with this game, but it's still the only (and therefore best) racing game. I give it 3/5 stars.

    - Framerate too low, it's not sluggish, but compared to Ferrari Challenge on the DS just not so smooth
    - No Formula 1 tracks
    - Every track feels the same
    - Car models are fixed, when driving a Formula 1 car, the tires don't move while steering
    - Horizon is fixed - the game viewport does not tilt back to keep the horizon flat while playing. Therefore, the street is tilting away, when you tilt your iPhone.
    - Steering works only good when in Formula 1 mode. In Cabrio or Sports mode, it reacts too late and then feels like you are on rails.
    - Just no environment, with the exception of a tree here or there. Just plain boring.
    - NO sound of other cars. WTF?
    - The sound of your car is annoying.
    - In normal mode, the AI of the other cars seems not to exist.
    - smoke is pixelated and displayed without transparency
    - NO damage. Just drive your Formula 1 car like your Mario Kart and there you go.
    - Only in Formula 1 mode, you feel a bit of speed. In the other modes it's like driving with 20 mph. Compare that with Ferrari Challenge on the DS, where you are just blown away because it's so smooth and fast.

    But overall, it's an ok buy. Nitro Kart 3D is sluggish, Cro Mag just plain boring and has to little Kart feeling to it, Motoracer ist nice, but a "get this goal"-racing game instead of a "real" racer. So, overall, you have to get Nitro Kart, Motoracer and GTS :).

  • Gregz0r

    I'm waiting for Sega to port OutRun 2006 to iPhone. It's great on PSP, so it should rock on the iPhone.

  • John Bowers


    Probably because Apple sets the release date to the date that the app was submitted for review and not the date it was actually released.

  • Rafael

    Whatever happened to that Asphalt 4 game that was on the site a couple weeks ago? That one looked way better than this and it was slated to be out before the end of July....

  • Q.

    Mmm just bought it by curiosity:

    - Car models are fixed, when driving a Formula 1 car, the tires don’t move while steering

    i agree, and add to this that in fact its not real time models, its animated sprites. Its not really a "con" point since 3D models in Krash Kart are low poly and low framerate.

    I dont agree with the slow framerate, it is very OK in comparaison of CrashKart i.e.

  • mikeadams

    i bought it. its decent. just weird how you HAVE to hold it a certain way. i like that crash racing is just automatic-gas-pedal.