Talking Monkey Chimpy

He loves jumping and flying, but don't trust him with coconuts and make sure YOU keep him busy or it'll take seconds for…
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He loves jumping and flying, but don't trust him with coconuts and make sure YOU keep him busy or it'll take seconds for this talking monkey to make a mess all over! The phrase monkey around found its true meaning with this little guy. Chimpy is a cheerful baby monkey eagerly awaiting for his next victim to play monkey games with. To make the monkey go happy, play mini games with him, pet him or give the monkey bananas and he'll be over the moon. Download the game and join this monkey jungle! ▶ ▶ ▶ GAME FEATURES ◀ ◀ ◀ ◆ Talk to the monkey and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice. ◆ Tap the monkey's tail to see him get angry. ◆ Pet the monkey's belly to have him make sounds. ◆ Press the icon to see Chimpy dancing. ◆ Press the icon to see the monkey hula hoop. ◆ Slide your finger up and down the screen to see what Chimpy will do. ◆ Feed the monkey bananas. ◆ Press the game button to play the mini games. FLAPPY MONKEY Set your monkey running and get as many bananas as you can while trying to go between and around the trees. Fly your monkey as a bird and make sure he gets around all the obstacles. LIANA HOP Make your monkey jump from liana to liana while collecting time and bananas. This game is timed so you better watch out for those time collectables. FOOD DROP Move your monkey around to get as many good bananas as possible. Make sure he doesn't eat a rotten one because it means game over. These mini games are beneficial to developing some of the children's skills necessary for other areas of life as well. The mini games employ children's full attention so that they can pass a level. The games improve hand-eye coordination and at times require working in timed situations which will become an integral part of children's school life. Playing with Chimpy is simple and amusing, which is why this game is one of the best funny games for kids and toddlers. If you were dying to have a monkey live with you, Talking Monkey game is the closest you might ever get to realize this idea of yours. Are you ready for a new pet, then? Download the game and dive into crazy monkey games with a silly talking monkey! Join Chimpy on his adventure and check out what his other friends are up to on our Facebook page: While you're online, you might as well check out our other games: ▶ ▶ This free game is an intellectual property of Peaksel – copyright 2018.◀ ◀
Genre:Action, Family
Release:Sep 05, 2014
Updated:Oct 09, 2023
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