Math Claw Machine

Do you believe that mathematics can take you to the unknown world full of sweets and candies? Math Claw Machine is an ex…
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Do you believe that mathematics can take you to the unknown world full of sweets and candies? Math Claw Machine is an extremely sweet & delicious game full of math fun. This tasty game for kids is a mixture of a candy claw game and a cool math game. This fantastic combination brings so much fun to all the people around the world and makes math workout easier and more interesting. *********************** Welcome to the Candy World! *********************** Playing educational math games can take you to the places you have never been before, and your mathematical skills will lead you to the Candyland among hard candies, lollipops and icing. Very soon, after collecting all the candies and answering correctly to the given tasks, you will experience many adventures by reaching other amazing places such as Chocoland, Cookieland or Jellyland with gummy bears. Explore the amazing world of sweets and other deliciousness. *********************** Train your brain! *********************** Catch the candy with a claw by solving math problems before you are out of moves or out of time. Just use your brain to guess the correct answer and you will be closer to your prize with every move. But there is a catch! Along the way you will find different obstacles you have to walk through. Sometimes you will have the limited number of moves, so it will be better for you not to make mistakes. When the time is limited, this fun game becomes real math speed training. Watch out the bombs on your way! The claw can crush if you don’t have a certain number of correct answers. *********************** Play against candy machine! *********************** Choose the level of difficulty with the basic math operations you want to test! -EASY LEVEL is with addition only, for this is a game for preschoolers and younger kids who are just starting off with math -MEDIUM LEVEL is with addition, subtraction and multiplication and it becomes a bit harder than the previous one -HARD LEVEL is suitable for the kids but can be intriguing for adults as well -GENIUS LEVEL is for all people who are sure in their math skills. Now you can enjoy this Math Claw Machine and have fun with your family and friends by making a real math competition. Try to be a math genius and win all the candies before they others. Who said math couldn't be fun?!
Genre:Family, Education
Release:Dec 06, 2013
Updated:Sep 22, 2017
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