Math vs Undead - School Edition: Fun Maths Game

Maths is fun with Math vs Undead! Children love to practice basic math operations in games for kids with multiplication,…
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Maths is fun with Math vs Undead! Children love to practice basic math operations in games for kids with multiplication, addition, division & subtraction. If you are a math teacher, your students will love you when you show them this game and what's more important, great results are guaranteed! Game hero is a very cute school boy who uses pencils as arrows for his bow, and rulers and compasses as the perfect weapon to fight against the zombie invasion. He is the only one who can prevent the ugly zombies from conquering the planet Earth. With each correct answer, he defeats a zombie. As you level up, multiplication and division are introduced, whereas only addition and subtraction are given at the beginning as a warm-up. Easy difficulty – zombies move slowly and give you time to think; Normal difficulty – they move faster; Hard difficulty – the undead move really fast and give you only a second to answer. SCHOOL EDITION: ▶ Volume Purchasing ▶ Fully unlocked ▶ No in-app purchases ▶ Designed by educators ▶ Adapted to classroom use ▶ Perfect for educational institutions ▶ Social networks connection blocked ◆◆◆◆◆ IMPORTANT ◆◆◆◆◆ The game's objective is to get elementary math students to think faster, train their brains and learn how to deal with pressure (of getting caught by zombies), which will later help to lower inhibition during a test. Educators/Game designers know that games like this attract kids' attention and have proven that children will practice and learn math through the game for hours. FEATURES AND SETTINGS: ▶ Safe, worry-free play with no third-party ads ▶ Addition on/off ▶ Subtraction on/off ▶ Multiplication on/off ▶ Division on/off ▶ Easy, Medium and Hard Difficulty Levels ▶ 30 levels of basic math operations
Genre:Puzzle, Education
Release:May 30, 2014
Updated:May 17, 2017
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