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Uh oh! Looks like Dee had too much sugar cubes...He has to be white and shiny again! You are the help he needs! Enter th…
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Uh oh! Looks like Dee had too much sugar cubes...He has to be white and shiny again! You are the help he needs! Enter the dentist lab with your virtual pet, use toothbrush, dental scrubber, polisher, and mouthwash and keep your tooth beautiful! Play sparkling dentist games with your brand new virtual pet! ◀ A NEW KIND OF VIRTUAL PET ▶ Your DENTAL ADVENTURE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN and this cute little tooth is an absolute hit! Talking tooth DEE- virtual pet is a brand new 2d teeth game, and when it comes to dental games for kids, with this virtual tooth game your children will soon lose the fear of dentists. Also, this dental game will teach them how to keep their mouth healthy and what it's like going to the dentist and more with fun and interactive virtual pet games. The best thing about virtual pet Dee is that he will get your kids excited about their oral health and brushing their teeth through talking tooth games! This tooth brushing app also has a toothbrush timer which will help both you and your child make sure that tooth brushing is fun and lasts long enough. So, be a good parent. No! Be the coolest parent! Download My Virtual Tooth and let your kid get the most amazing virtual pet game ever! ◀ ◀ MY VIRTUAL TOOTH FEATURES ▶ ▶ ◆ Choose a nice name for your talking pet if Dee is not your fave ◆ Talk to your virtual pet and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice ◆ Feed and bathe Dee to keep him clean and happy ◆ Get a filling when your talking pet Dee gets cavity ◆ Pet, poke, and tease Dee to see what else he can do ◆ Dress up your cute virtual pet with countless outfit combinations of your choice ◆ Decorate every room of Dee's house with dozens of awesome items! ◆ A 3 minute toothbrush timer – wash your teeth to keep them clean until the timer expires ◆ Play mini games with your favorite virtual pet - baby tooth ◆ Watch Dee grow from a baby tooth to an adult healthy one ◆ Share your best moments with your talking pet so your friends can see how much fun you're having playing dental games ◀ ◀ ◀ NO MORE STRESSFUL VISITS TO DENTIST ▶ ▶ ▶ A lot of people are afraid of dentist and all dentist's tools. But, if you want to have healthy teeth and a bright smile, you have to visit a dentist, right? Dental health is very important and sometimes it's hard to explain that to kids. With talking virtual pet such as Dee and similar tooth games, they will soon lose the fear of dentists and develop a habit to brush their teeth regularly. Your child will have an opportunity to help Dee get better when he gets a cavity by being a dentist him- or herself, which will make a dentist work not so unfamiliar. Your kids will have fun while taking care of their dental health, and all that with a help of this gorgeous virtual pet game! How awesome is that? ◀ ◀ ◀ ◀ DENTAL GAMES FOR LOTS OF FUN ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Your new virtual pet is so cute and adorable! Oh, wait... is he? If he doesn’t have a cavity, he would be! Let's make him white and shiny again! A dental adventure with your new virtual pet IS CALLING AND YOU MUST GO! Your new virtual pet really needs your help! Can you take a look and make him shiny again? If you liked playing with talking animals like talking dog or talking cat, this cute little tooth is going to blow your mind! My Virtual Tooth is a 2d talking game with lots of mini tooth games for boys and girls. You and your child can choose whether you would like to spend time playing Tic Tac Toe, Flappy Tooth or many other dental games for kids. Despite the fact that this virtual pet is a game for kids, that doesn't mean that the adults can't enjoy it. So, feel free to complete a few levels while your kid is asleep or at school. One thing is for sure: with My Virtual Tooth app, the whole family will enjoy. Download now and have fun beating your own records in dental games!
Genre:Family, Role Playing
Release:Jul 08, 2016
Updated:Dec 26, 2023
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