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NEW AGE OF THE DRAGONS HAS JUST BEGUN! Get Dragon Coloring Games PRO and fill these amazing dragon drawings with colors …
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NEW AGE OF THE DRAGONS HAS JUST BEGUN! Get Dragon Coloring Games PRO and fill these amazing dragon drawings with colors to make them look happy and cheerful! ◀ COLORING BOOK FOR KIDS FULL OF LEGENDARY CREATURES ▶ If you once thought that all dragons are mean creatures, these cool dragon drawings for kids will assure you they are not. Once you see those kind faces, you will want one as a pet for your kids. And since the age of the dragons has passed long time ago, this coloring book for kids will be an amazing substitute. Playing kids coloring games and filling in these awesome coloring pages, your children will get a feeling that dragons never age, which means that legends continue to live on. And kids need that. They need fantasy because without it childhood isn't complete. Let your kids believe in dragons: give them Dragon Coloring Games PRO to color and enjoy writing your own lores! ◀ FEATURES OF DRAGON COLORING GAMES PRO: ▶ ◆ 4 ways to color: bucket, brush, spray and color pencil ◆ Add stickers and color with patterns ◆ Background music on/off ◆ 10+ color palettes ◆ 20 coloring sheets for kids ◆ INSPIRATION: see what your fellow artist users have filled in these awesome coloring pages ◆ Let your friends feel the heat of the dragon breath: share on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram ◆ Zoom in for detailed coloring ◀ DRAGON COLORING GAMES PRO: A GREAT PASTIME ▶ The diversity of dragon drawings for kids in this coloring book app will surprise. You will be eager to color them all: from little dragons just hatched from eggs to the adult ones, represented as noble beasts and warriors. Filling in these marvelous coloring sheets for kids, children will have an opportunity to find out how these mythical creatures are represented in different cultures. So, pick some of these cool dragon drawings you like the most and start coloring. Fill in some awesome coloring pages with your kids and make dragons exist again. Don’t let your kids’ childhood pass without knowing how great dragons were (and still are). What are you still waiting for? Download Dragon Coloring Games PRO and get coloring! ◀ ADVANTAGES OF COLORING BOOKS FOR KIDS ▶ ◆ Improve motor skills, fine motor movement and handwriting ◆ Improve hand to eye coordination and color perception and recognition ◆ Therapeutic effect: train focusing and calm the mind ◆ Build a self-esteem and confidence among kids when completing the picture ◆ Fun free time activity, but also an excellent educational material ◆ Have influence on personality development starting from early childhood ◀ LEGAL INFO ▶ All the drawings and images in Dragon Coloring Games PRO app are copyright of Peaksel. For any questions and/or suggestions, please contact us. If you like this app and you want to keep up with updates, more info on coloring books and new coloring pages apps, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coloringpagesapps/ and on G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106666683307180599880. If you enjoyed Dragon Coloring Games PRO, check out our website for similar apps: http://www.peaksel.com/
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