Minima is free today in collaboration with " - 1 free app a day"

1 pixel
4 colors…
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Minima is free today in collaboration with " - 1 free app a day"

1 pixel
4 colors
That's a minimum...

Welcome to Minima

Change your color to survive in the jungle of pixels...

Yellow, Pink, Violet, make the right choice at the right time

10 different levels are waiting for you.

Would you be able to thwart the trapped pixels?

Go and compare your score to the rest of the world in the world web ranking.

That's a Minima.

Some words on the gameplay:

You are playing a pixel displayed on a white line at the bottom part of the screen.

The pixel can be moved to the left or to the right: touch the bottom part of the screen, on the right/left of the pixel to move it to the right/left.

You can also change the color of the pixel , by touching colored (yellow/pink or violet) pixel coming from the top of the screen.

Your pixel must be colored like the pixels coming touching it, else you're gonna lose one of your lives.

You've 5 lives for each level (9 'regular' levels and 1 secret).

If your pixel has the right color, your score will be better.

The 10 levels have different graphic
themes, from 'Space invaders' to 'Formula 1 race'....
Genre:Arcade, Music
Release:Aug 10, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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