iGuerilla 2

iGuerilla Mission 2.
12 totally new missions.
4 levels of difficulties.<…
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iGuerilla Mission 2.
12 totally new missions.
4 levels of difficulties.
More weapons: sniper rifle, m60...
More achievements to complete.
Web ranking.

Hello soldier,

Your service record is impressive, especially in Africa.
Now, you're gonna move to another continent - Asia.

Your mission will be to find General LEEYAN, chief of rebels who are terrifying the region, making violence the law of the land. You are granted freedom from the rules of engagement to achieve your mission objectives quickly. It won't be easy . You will face various kinds of combat situation :
- combat in temple ruins
- sniper missions
- minefield sweeping
- survive in snake infested jungle
- night missions with aid from infrared goggles
- helicopters attacks
- airbone support and attacks

For that, several king of weapons will be at your disposal: sniper rifle, gun, m60...

Your mission is top secret . There will be no assistance should things turn bad. Don't forget to remain in contact with our network and send regular reports.

Soldier, your helicopter is waiting for you, good luck!

iGuerilla 2 is OpenFeint Enabled.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Nov 03, 2009
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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