Jules Verne’s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island

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66% OFF FOR CHRISTMAS! With warmest wishes for the holiday season from Anuman and Chillingo!

Jules Verne's Secrets Of The Mysterious Island is the sequel to the popular iPhone game Jules Verne's Return To Mysterious Island. "The Mysterious Island" is one of Jules Verne's most famous novels, one of his most enjoyed in North America, and one of the most often adapted to the big screen.

In this second installment, Jep becomes a character in his own right. He saves Mina at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, the player switches from one character to another by maximizing the use of each other’s talents. Jep can climb places inaccessible to Mina, communicate with other monkeys, and find numerous objects thanks to his sense of smell. He communicates with his fellow monkeys: it's an opportunity to present the practical and social intelligence of monkeys and thus render man's place in nature
relative. Mina can dive in the lake whereas Jep, like many monkeys, does not know how to swim. Only Mina can use complex tools, combine objects and, of course, read the documents found in the course of the game! Game time will be balanced between Mina and Jep. The two characters are very positive, in particular Mina, who hates resorting to violence.

Highlights of game:

=> Highly popular themes: survival, exploration, discovery, science and mystery in a fabulous tropical setting.

=> An interactive inventory system lets one combine various collected items in order to create new objects and tools...

=> The same design and development team as for the first game keeps the same know-how and an identical proprietary engine for a fluid and excellent point and click navigation.

=> Two-character play: Secrets of The Mysterious Island is a story of friendship because Mina adopts a cute, little monkey. This is especially true because he is no longer just a simple partner in the island’s misfortune. He is able, due to his dexterity, to reach places inaccessible to our main character. The player will thus be able to slip into Jep's skin when the story will force him to: his point of view and his skills will be completely changed as a result...

=> Intuitive matching inventory: Secrets of The Mysterious Island is mainly based on combinations of objects: two, three, four and even five elements are sometimes indispensable to obtain and make what one seeks or needs. Some elements are fungible, others can be used again.

=> Available 5 different languages (Voice and Text) including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

=> Different puzzles :
- "Pre-technical": primitive but ingenuous use of tools by the monkey.
- "Technical": use of the installations built by the castaways in the novel (mill, oven...) to start up ambitious projects: enameled pottery, glass blowing, forging...
- "High technology": turning back on the volcanic engine of the unknown civilization, repairing Nemo's sophisticated machines, testing the sick plants...
- "Social": interacting with the monkeys of the island with the help of an interface based on In RTMI 1 the player embodied Mina and used Jep as a simple tool.

NOTE: This is not a port or an emulation of the PC version. It is a complete redesign of the game exclusive for the iPhone!The gameplay and content of the game is different from its PC predecessor.

Jules Verne's Secrets Of The Mysterious Island is developed by Tetraedge Inc and published by Chillingo Ltd
Genre:Adventure, Strategy
Release:Nov 05, 2009
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