Zombies vs. Sheep

Tap to shoot! Tilt to move! Shake to reload!

Check out the gameplay movie!
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Tap to shoot! Tilt to move! Shake to reload!

Check out the gameplay movie!


"This is easily one of the best casual games on the iPhone platform."

"The folks at Clickgamer.com put out a winner. It’s a lot of fun."

"Zombies vs. Sheep is a fun shooting gallery game worth a dollar of fun. Highlights are the controls, music and quickly ramping difficulty."

"Studio Radiolaris did a fantastic job on Zombies vs. Sheep"

"It’s a fun adventure and I strongly recommend checking it out.”

"It's awesomely creepy--and creepily awesome."


Zombies vs. Sheep is a frenetic tap-to-shoot game set in a mexican-themed shooting gallery. Your mission: Protect the sheep from incoming waves of zombies. As the evening gets darker you will face more and stronger enemies. You are the last hope of the sheep.

Move your sheep by tilting the phone. Shoot by tapping the enemies. Reload by quickly flicking the phone in any direction.

The game features 20 levels and can be played in survival or campaign mode. Be sure to upgrade your sheep in the store to be able to keep up!


• Unique cardboard cutout graphic style. Lively Mariachi-style soundtrack. Zombies vs. Sheep features intriguing gameplay and is easy to pick up.

• Shoot your shotgun by tapping on the screen. Pick up the assault rifle and spray the zombies, bats and phoenixes with bullets. Burn them with the flame thrower and set up chain reactions with dynamite.

• Survival mode gameplay featuring 20 levels of increasing difficulty. Face numerous different enemies and six epic boss fights.

• Campaign mode gameplay that saves your progress and allows you to optimize your strategy.

• Upgrade your sheep. Your sheep is too slow? You run out of bullets? Your sheep is nearly dead? Collect some coins and go to the shop to buy upgrades.

• OpenFeint 2.0 powered global leaderboards, achievements, friend lists, chat, facebook and twitter notifications, player walls and gamerscores.

From studio radiolaris, who brought you the popular music shoot’em up Radio Flare.
Follow the developers on Twitter: http://twitter.com/radiolaris

Scheduled Future Releases:

1.3 Peer2Peer VS game mode
1.4 "Halloween" level pack

the next update will also have local leaderboards!
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 15, 2009
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