“If you are looking for a unique game in class of its own, look no further…
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“If you are looking for a unique game in class of its own, look no further than Geometrix: Flatland Unbound.” 8/10 --

“Geometrix is an affordably addictive addition to the iPhone gaming library. A simple concept, it prospers on this touch-screen platform offering an enjoyable experience of concentration and skill.” --

“Fast and furious, it is a great addition to the catalogue of games that Chillingo have brought to the App Store - Cute and fast, Geometrix is a good arcade game with a great dance track” --

Geometrix : FLATLAND UNBOUND is an instant hit in every dimension!


Players will strain their multitasking ability to the limit as they guide the loveable A. Square through wave after wave of geometric adversaries in a mind bending universe of twisted space and time.


Geometrix : FLATLAND UNBOUND is a single player game of concentration, reaction and avoidance, based upon Edwin A. Abbott’s classic novel, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Flatland is a world which exists entirely on a two-dimensional plane, where all different kinds of shapes live, work and play, including the noted, ridiculed, and imprisoned theoretical geometrist, A. Square.

But, all is not well in Flatland. In an effort to free A. Square from the cell he was so unjustly imprisoned in for his heretical views on the higher dimensions, and to provide him with a glimpse of dimensions beyond his ability to understand, the 4th dimensional being, Hy’per Cube, has removed the boundaries separating the Lower Planes by twisting both time and space. The worlds of Lineland, Flatland and Spaceland are now merged as one, and their inhabitants are both frightened and angered by this occurrence.

A. Square’s past transgressions into the higher plane of Spaceland with his dear friend A. Sphere were dealt with swiftly and harshly. Now the inhabitants of all the Lower Planes seek him out to wreak the most dire of punishments – the guillotine!

Avoid capture and brutal punishment by helping A. Square in his explorations of the higher levels of Geometry, while simultaneously existing in two separate planar dimensions.

Avoid the unbelievers for as long as you possibly can!


· Unlimited levels of fun and challenging gameplay!
· Fast-paced and frantic action will keep you hustling!
· Play happens simultaneously on two dimensional planes!
· Dozens of geometric adversaries to contend with!
· Addictive Achievement System drives competitive play!

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Published by Chillingo Ltd
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Feb 20, 2009
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