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‘Cat Quest 3 Pirates of the Purribean’ Release Date Announced for PC and Consoles, Coming to Mobile After

Originally announced in May last year, Cat Quest III had its release date revealed during the Nintendo presentation that just aired. If you’ve been reading TouchArcade for years, you’d know that we have been covering Cat Quest right from the start. Developer The Gentlebros released the original game in the series back in 2017, and it was excellent. Read our Game of the Week feature and glowing review of it here. Cat Quest II then launched as an Apple Arcade game, eventually also hitting other platforms, and it built on the original quite well. Cat Quest III will debut on PC and consoles before coming to mobile in the future as revealed by the official Twitter account of The Gentlebros. Until then, watch the Cat Quest III release date trailer below:

While Cat Quest III is confirmed for all consoles and PC at launch, I am glad that it will be coming to mobile in the future. No word on pricing or whether it comes through a subscription service yet though. I’m certain that we will be playing it on Switch and Steam Deck at launch if not earlier over here. We definitely want to, and the gameplay trailer looks excellent with the sailing, treasure hunting, and co-op support planned for Cat Quest III. The developers confirmed that Cat Quest III will be getting a demo on the eShop later today with pre-orders going live as well. Check out the official website for Cat Quest III here. What do you think of Cat Quest III and did you play the prior games?