‘Warframe Companion’ App Available Once Again on iOS, DevShorts #12 Reveals Protea Prime and More Coming Soon

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When Warframe Mobile (Free) finally launched worldwide on iOS a few months ago, the Warframe Companion app was delisted to avoid any confusion in the store listings. Yesterday, Digital Extremes had its weekly DevShorts stream, and revealed that the companion app was once again made available. The app also has seen a fix to allow 2FA users to login without issues using the PC login for cross save accounts. Alongside the news that the Warframe companion app is back on iOS, the highlight was the Honkai Star Rail fun happening during the event and before it on Twitter. If you’re a fan of either game, check this Tweet thread out. Digital Extremes also revealed that Protea Prime and two new Prime weapons would be coming soon with updates on them this week. The Devstream for this month will take place on April 26th with updates for the first day of TennoCon 2024 and have another teaser of Warframe: 1999. Watch the full DevShorts #12 video below:

Hopefully HonkFrame becomes a reality and we get a collaboration between Warframe and Honkai Star Rail in the future. If you already had the Warframe Companion app, nothing changed, but if you didn’t, you can grab it here for free on the App Store for iOS. If you’d like to play Warframe Mobile on iOS now, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here. Check out the official Warframe Mobile iOS website here. You can pre-register or check out the Android website for the game here. If you missed it, read my interview with Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford & Mobile Product Lead Jussi Elonen about the game, cross platform support, controls, and a lot more here. I featured Warframe Mobile as one of the best mobile games of 2024 so far as well. What do you think of Warframe so far if you’ve played it on iOS?

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