‘Valiant Hearts: Coming Home’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android via Netflix Games

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Today, one of the Netflix Games I had been anticipating the most released worldwide. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home (Free) developed by Old Skull Games and Ubisoft is a sequel to the amazing Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home has a gorgeous aesthetic as you play as four heroes while helping them survive. The gameplay includes exploration, puzzles, and action and the game features World War I facts and pictures. Watch the Valiant Hearts: Coming Home launch trailer from Netflix below:

If you’d like to check it out and have an active Netflix subscription, you can grab Valiant Hearts: Coming Home on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. I know what I’m going to be playing tonight. The original Valiant Hearts felt great on iOS, and I’m confident this one will be excellent on the go. Head over to our new forum thread for Valiant Hearts: Coming Home here. Did you play the original Valiant Hearts and will you be checking out Valiant Hearts: Coming Home through Netflix Games on iOS or Android?

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