“The Clan of the Squirrel” DLC Now Available in Viking Strategy Game ‘Northgard’ on Mobile

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A couple of weeks ago the news dropped that Playdigious would be bringing a new DLC pack to Northgard on mobile, and today is that day. Originally developed by Shiro Games, Northgard is a strategy game with elements of Norse mythology where you play a clan of Vikings settling and expanding their territories. It has been a huge hit on PC and console, and back in 2021 Playdigious did a wonderful job of bringing the experience to mobile, where it felt especially well-suited. The mobile version has been playing catch-up a bit in terms of content compared to other platforms, and today’s Clan of the Squirrel DLC brings in a new playable clan that specializes in cooking, and the delectable items you create can go towards boosting your own clansmen or even manipulating your enemies to your own benefit.

As already mentioned, Northgard is a really fantastic strategy game that works super well on mobile. The base game will set you back eight bucks as of this writing and has dozens of hours of content to play through, not to mention online multiplayer which was added shortly after its mobile release. If that somehow isn’t enough, there are numerous DLC packs to choose from to offer totally new ways to experience the game. These are generally $2.99 a pop though there are also bundles available which can save you a bit of dough. This new Clan of the Squirrel pack is also $2.99 and it is available right now in Northgard on both iOS and Android app stores.

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