‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ New Update Adds Lost Islands Challenge Mode and More

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Kingdom Two Crowns ($6.99) from Raw Fury was just updated with the previously-revealed Lost Islands challenge mode. This update arrives following the launch of the paid Norse Lands DLC. If you’ve not kept up with it, we’ve been covering Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. We’ve covered Kingdom Two Crowns for a long time across its original announcement with the reveal of two player splitscreen mode and the cross platform update. The Kingdom Two Crowns 1.1.18 update focuses on the Lost Islands challenge mode. This sees a new island available for only 72 hours that will be randomly generated. A new one will be available daily, but you will have 72 hours to complete it once you begin. Watch the Kingdom Two Crowns Lost Islands trailer below:

Today’s update also allows use of the Norse Lands setting in all existing challenge islands. Check out the full patch notes on the Steam page for the game here. If you already own the game and want the Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands campaign, it is available as an in app purchase for $2.99 on iOS and Android and as paid DLC for $6.99 on Steam. If you’ve not gotten the base game yet, you can buy Kingdom Two Crowns on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Have you played Kingdom Two Crowns on iOS or Android yet and did you check out the Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands campaign?

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