‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ Just Got Updated to Bring In Cross Platform Saves, Performance and Multiplayer Improvements, and More

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Kingdom Two Crowns ($6.99) from Raw Fury is something we’ve been covering for a long time. It was originally revealed for consoles, mobile, and PC in 2017 and after launching on those systems, it hit iOS and Android as a premium release that included a nifty two player splitscreen mode. A big update for Kingdom Two Crowns just went live on all platforms bringing in cross platform saves in addition to performance and multiplayer improvements as highlights. On iOS this is the 1.1.5 update on the App Store. Watch the Kingdom Two Crowns co-op video below:

For cross platform saves, you need to create a Kingdom account. Raw Fury have also improved the multiplayer smoother with performance improvements on all devices. Multiplayer improvements include crowns not getting lost, no infinite and invisible coins anymore, and other fixes. I’ve always been hoping more games available on mobile, PC, and consoles get cross platform saves and it is great to see Kingdom Two Crowns implement it. You can buy Kingdom Two Crowns for $9.99 on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Kingdom Two Crowns also has native controller support on iOS. Have you played it on iOS or Android yet?

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